Get ready with Magie and Bri as they put their look together for The Virtual Gaymes of Gay Bingo and help you get GLAMOROUS for this year's Gay Bingo Charlotte virtual event!

Magie and Bri are Regional Education Trainers for MAC Cosmetics and they are hosting a live zoom event on Saturday, November 14, at 4:00 PM to share some of their techniques and give you an opportunity to ask all the questions.



A BVD is a Bingo Verifying Diva who has agreed to volunteer their time to support RAIN in the form of dressing in drag. That's right, you heard it correctly - they are dressing in drag to raise money for HIV care!

Each volunteer has committed several months of their time to learn dance routines, skits and to fundraise on behalf of RAIN. This is a volunteer opportunity like no other.

Gay Bingo Charlotte is one of the most unconventional fundraising events in Charlotte and Miss Rona isn't going to stop us! The Virtual Gaymes of Gay Bingo is hitting your screen on Saturday, November 14 for an hour of full entertainment and fun (no bingo cards will be harmed in the making of this livestream).

Since 2000, Gay Bingo Charlotte has raised over $1 million for HIV care and supports the services and programs RAIN provides the Charlotte metro area.

Join us for a night of laughs, wacky games and unpredictable entertainment. This ain't your grandma's Zoom!​