Catch A Lift Fund Community Workout

​Creating A New Team

​Create a Team that consists of members from any group - a school club, a sports team, company, division, extended family, etc.  The founder of a Team serves as the Team Captain and can manage the Team Page.  Create a new Team here or click the "Start or Join a Team" button above.  The Team Captain is encouraged to email, text and use social media to invite the members of the group to register, and helpful tools are part of the Team Captain's account.

Joining an existing Team

​Want to join an existing Team?  Your Team Captain may have sent you a direct link to their Team page and you can register right from that page.  You can also search for any Team by clicking the "Start or Join a Team" button above and follow the prompts to register once you click on the Team page.  Once you register, you'll have your own personal page connected to your Team's page.

Sharing and Recruiting Others to Join A Team

​Every Team and personal page contains tools to reach out to friends, colleagues, teammates and family to join your Team or just support this great cause, in including posting directly to social media accounts.  You can also copy the link to your Team or personal page and paste it in any messaging or emailing platform you like.

Working Out with CAL Veteran Coaches

​Everyone who registers is encouraged to participate in a Community Workout at 9am on Sunday, October 1st at Onelife Fitness in Hunt Valley, MD.  Anyone can participate - kids to senior citizens, varsity athletes to couch potatoes.  We'll sweat for sure, but it's all about having fun and raising funds and awareness for a great cause!

Team Leaderboards and Activities

​Fundraising, recruiting and spreading the word on social media earns points for every Team!  Every dollar donated earns 1 point, recruiting new Team members and sharing videos to social media earns 25 points each, and sharing images on social media earns 10 points.  Please note social media shares must be done through a Team member's personal page (which is created when you register) to earn points.  Stay tuned for prize info for our Team leaders!