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About Celebrate-athon Fundraising!

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We are turning 19 years old and joined forces with Partying for a Purpose, Henebery Spirits and Batta | Fulkerson Injury Attorneys to celebrate! We are having a modern-day telethon on 4/22/2023 from 12pm-6pm at Batta | Fulkerson Injury Attorneys Headquarters [1899 McKee Street, San Diego, CA 92110].  

Not FUNdraising for us but want to attend the party?  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS! 


Starts at:  March 7, 2022 11:00 AM
Ends at:  April 23, 2023 2:00 PM




Angela Brannon-Baptiste

Why Participate?

According to the San Diego Hunger Coalition, as of March 2022, there were 248,777 nutrition insecure children and 537,651 food insecure adults in San Diego.  Our charity focuses on removing barriers and going into the communities most in need.  The schools that we currently and plan to partner with, have 99% or more of their students on the National School Lunch Program. For many of the children receiving this benefit, it is the sole meal they can rely on getting five days a week.  The Pandemic programs have ended or are ending, and our families will receive less assistance from other government and private programs.  The food we provide is important on the weekends and during school breaks.   For many, they may receive up to $400 less each month for food. We make it a priority to serve as a fresh food “oasis”, by having a large quantity of fresh produce and other fresh foods available for families, especially those who receive food from our delivery program, living in “food deserts” or “food swamps”.   With our bi-lingual nutrition education resources for both children and their parents, and healthy food provided, we hope to nudge the parents into nutritious and better food choices for the family.  We currently distribute at 3 schools, through delivery and at a mini-pantry. 

Our Energy Project encourages bike club kids to learn about nutrition and how important it is with exercise.  After learning the rules of the road, how to be responsible for the bike and how to make repairs, they graduate, and we gift them a bike. Since the kids needed a snack before riding their bikes, we created an energy bar with Prepeaze, a meal prep company. We provide BEEZ SEEDZ protein bars, which are made with honey instead of sugar, sunflower seeds instead of peanut butter and other nutritious ingredients.  According to one of the students, Ivan, “It gives me superpowers”.  With our partner Out of the Ordinary Group and Team Events, we currently sponsor KCicletas Bike Club at King Chavez Preparatory, and Wilson Middle School and plan to start 1-2 more bike clubs in 2023.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

More families are seeking our assistance than ever before, so expanding will help us do our best to meet that need.  Additionally, with the cost of everything increasing due to continued inflation, the savings provided by the food, diaper, and period supply distribution, allows families to purchase essentials and fresh proteins to supplement meals. We plan to serve over 175,000 children and their families in 2023.  Since 2017, we have provided over 3.6 million nutritious meals to kids in San Diego and we are just getting started.

Thanks to our generous sponsors