The Celebrate-athon and Feed the Kids!

Dear Friends,

Back in 1997, I started a company called Partying for a Purpose to produce fundraisers for San Diego charities.   Then, in 2004, we started It's All About the Kids!  It has been a long and bumpy ride but I led the charge to never give up.  So, we are still standing and doing more than ever to help San Diego kids.  But, we can't do it alone.  We started as a grass roots movement - and we continue today the same way - through the kindness of our supporters, companies and foundations.  

In 2017, we focused our mission on feeding San Diego kids.  When the covid-19 crisis began, we were forced to make a decision - close our food pantry and stop helping over 1300 families, or moved outside into a drive-thru and walk-up service.  We grew from serving 250 families each Thursday, to over 1,000 families. With the help of new and existing supporters and generous foundations, we accelerated our distributions and served 300% more people during the pandemic. 

With pandemic aid ending, the price of food, gas and power going up, our families are in more need than ever.   After all the bills are paid, there is very little or no money left for our families to buy food.   We serve families in three ways.  We deliver to families who do not have cars and live in food deserts through our partnership with Doordash, distribute at pop-up events and at our mini-pantries.  Last year, we started distributing food at San Diego schools, as families receive the food as the kids depart school.   

We are excited to have your help in our mission to feed San Diego kids.  With  your help, we can continue to provide fresh produce, non-perishable food, diapers and period products to our families. 

Together, we feed the kids.

Only the best, 

Angela Brannon-Baptiste

Co-Founder and President of the Board