Walk the Talk for Liver Health 5K Walk/Run

1. Start Early

 The earlier you start fundraising, the less time intensive and easier it will be.

2. Asking for Donations

When you ask for donations, tell people why you are participating in the event. If you have a personal connection, let them know about it. The more personal you can make your appeal, the more people will be willing to support you. Even if you don't have a personal connection there is a reason you chose to participate. Tell people about our mission and what their funds will go toward.

3. Sponsor Based on Time

If you're running the 5K, ask people to donate based on how many seconds or minutes faster your time is than your current PR (personal record). So if you're gunning for a three-minute PR in a 5K ask people to donate $10, $20, or $50 per minute you run faster. Then train smart and go for it on race day.

4. Reach Out Through Email

Write a personal email detailing what you are doing and why—and email everyone you know. It's highly recommended that you send individual emails to your prospective donors because people tend to ignore mass emails. Make sure to include a link to your fundraising page so they can donate online.

5. Facebook Is Your Friend

Post your web page link on Facebook and ask for donations. You will need to post fairly regularly to garner significant donations as not everyone will see it every time you post, and it takes several viewings for most people to donate. Make sure to include a little blurb about what the challenge means to you.

6. Network

Ask all of your donors if they know anyone else that might be willing to donate. Not everyone will, but just a handful of people reaching out to others can help increase your dollar amount.

7. Matching Gift Program

Ask each donor if their employer has a matching gift program. 

8. Thank Yous Go a Long Way

Always send a thank you note or email. Do NOT forget to personally thank every single one of your sponsors for donating their hard earned money. You will want them to remember you favorably. Plus, it's just polite.

With every email, text, and social post, you’re helping to support our mission. COVID-19 has threatened our lifesaving research and patient support. So, now more than ever, the Community Liver Alliance needs people like you to help save lives from Liver Disease.

However you’re able to support our mission, we have options for you to join the Alliance. See how you can fundraise virtually, from home, and around your community.  Click the link below to locate our 2021 Walker Guide!



Liver Disease can hit far too close to home, so the funds you raise will help do the same by providing needed support to your community through services and resources like educational seminars, patient assistance programs and local research grants.