Amazing Grace Food Pantry / St. Vincent de Paul Middletown


Help us knock hunger out of the park at the Connecticut Foodshare Walk Against Hunger! See you at Dunkin' Park in Hartford on May 20. Registration and entertainment begin at 8:00 AM and the 1.5 mile walk starts at 10:00 AM!

Hi Everyone!  I hope that all my friends and community partners will set up their own teams for this important event. Social reach - walkers that believe in the mission enough to reach out to friends and family to join them - that is what teams are for.

But if you want to come yourself, with a friend, a family member or a co-worker , this is the team to join!

We all know what has been happening with the prices of food at grocery stores.  For many of us, it is annoying and inconvenient.  But for many in our community, a $100 increase in grocery prices per week could mean no heat, being late on rent or a car payment.  The number of people shopping for food at dollar stores is growing, and with it, a decline in the nutrition families need to lead healthy lives.

This event is focused on making an abundance of healthy options available at the Amazing Grace Food Pantry so people living check to check can keep a balanced diet AND a balanced budget.

Walk with us.  Let your entire social circle know through phone calls, texts and social media that this is important to you, and you would like them to support your mission.  You can do it!  Really!  You can!

Amazing Grace Food Pantry / St. Vincent de Paul Middletown