2024 Easter Seals Drop Zone

How To Raise $1,000 in 10 Days

Participation in the 2024 Easter Seals Drop Zone requires every rappeler to pay or raise a minimum of $875.
We know what you’re thinking, “Whoa! $875, that’s a lot of money. How am I supposed to raise $875?” Our tips and strategies will help make this a lot easier!

Here’s a simple template that breaks down how easy fundraising can be! The ideas below are just suggestions, so feel free to add or change depending on your network contacts. 

Day 1: Put in your own $50 contribution - Kick start your fundraising and lead by example! Make a self donation. Your network will be more likely to give if they see that you have.

Day 2: Get Social - Post a link of your Participant Center on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and let people know that no donation is too small. If ten of your connections each donate $10, that’s $100!

Day 3: Ask your employer for a company contribution of $50 or more. Better yet, find out if your company will match what you raise!

Day 4: Ask ten close friends to donate $25 each to raise an additonal $250.

Day 5: Ask your company if you can accept donations in exchange for a “dress-down” day (or auction off a
private parking spot) at work. Charge five of your co-workers $5 each and add $25 to your fundraising!

Day 6: Reach out to five family members and ask them to donate $25 each, getting you $125 closer to your

Day 7: Ask four neighbors to each make a $25 donation to raise an additional $100.

Day 8: Ask ten running group members, your yoga class, or attendees of your place of worship if they’ll
each contribute $10 to your efforts.

Day 9: Ask five coworkers for $20 each for an additional $100.

Day 10: Ask 4 businesses you frequent (favourite sushi place, hair salon, dentist, health club, etc.) to
contribute $25 to raise that final $100 for a grand total of $1000! That’s even MORE than you need to participate in the event and more that goes towards supporting persons with diverse abilities in BC!

Other network ask suggestions.... Ask your business partners, business sponsors, clients, family friends, in-laws, significant other, and team mates.