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Mary's Farm & Sanctuary

Blossoming At The Farm


1128 Finlayson Arm Road

Victoria, BC

Mary's Farm & Sanctuary is home to the non-profit society Blossoming At The Farm. Their mission is to provide accessible, inclusive, and sustainable programming where all children and youth have access to nature-based learning environments, including the following:

  • A Learning Community that brings together children and a dedicated, uniquely skilled team of leaders. A 10 month full or part time program that provides registered home learners a gently structured environment that is rich, diverse, flexible, respectful, supportive, joyful, relevant, relational, meaningful and deeply rooted in the natural world.
  • A Forest School in which the participants spend each day immersed in the outside world, rain or shine, which provides a never ending source of experiences, connection, and learning as the seasons change.
  • Therapeutic sessions for those facing a variety of mental health challenges.
  • One on one behaviour intervention that targets complex social, emotional and behavioral opportunities. 
  • Play and nature-based social and behavioral interventions to support a child's self-regulation and connection with themselves and others.
  • Social learning play groups that include sensory diet play and collaborative art and game offerings. 

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