Hats on for Healthcare 2023


The Paediatric Program treats patients from newborn up to their 18th birthday. Windsor Regional Hospital cares for a wide variety of children with diagnosis ranging from medical, surgical, oncological, and mental health issues.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) consists of a multidisciplinary team that cares for babies who are born early with a serious illness.

Each age group of our young patients have unique needs based on their stage of development. Support for Windsor Regional Hospital’s Paediatrics Program and NICU helps ensure our littlest patients are cared for with the top state-of-the-art equipment to meet their specialized needs. 

This year's Hats On For Healthcare will help raise fund to purchase the following pieces of equipment:


An isolette is a clear plastic enclosed crib that maintains a warm environment for a new baby and isolates him or her from germs.

Cost: $23,755.73


The Resuscitaire is an all-in-one infant delivery platform that includes warming therapy, and all the components needed for clinical emergency resuscitation such as a positive pressure ventilator, flowmeter, suction, and air blender. The Resuscitaire gives our staff the tools and confidence needed to ensure a safe delivery.

Cost: $37,269.51


Syringe Pump Systems are used for the automated and continuous delivery of medications in children, and infants. The BBraun Perfusor Space Syringe Pump System features a compact design, comes pre-installed with an extensive drug library, and is the only syringe pump on the market that has received FDA approval to be utilized during patient air and road transport.

Cost: $31,393.45


A pulse oximeter is a small device that quickly and easily checks a child's oxygen levels. It uses light beams in a sensor to estimate the amount of oxygen in a child's blood, without taking a blood sample. This helps to track how well a child's lungs are working.

Cost: $599.00


Medela's Waterless Milk Warmer is a waterless warming and thawing device that optimises and standardises best human milk practices. It can be placed on an IV pole beside each NICU bed or on a worktop for preparing feeds. The Waterless Milk Warmer is designed for a hospital environment and operates by circulating heated air in an enclosed chamber.

Cost: $2,666.80