Hats on for Healthcare 2023


By participating in Hats On For Healthcare you are doing something really special – improving healthcare in our community! Here are some FUNdraising ideas to get the ball rolling for you and your participants.

Develop A Sticker Or Button Strategy

If your staff or students are on site, a fast and easy way to increase your fundraising is to include our stickers or buttons in your campaign. Give Hats On buttons and stickers as an incentive to those who are wearing a hat and making a donation!


Encourage employees to fundraise by entering them into a draw for prizes. Have your organization sponsor prizes - merchandise, day off, virtual lunch with the boss, etc.

Ask Your Payroll Department

Spread the word about Hats On For Healthcare by including promotional flyers with every pay cheque.

Organize a 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is an easy and fun option where the prize is CASH! Let everyone know that half the proceeds from tickets sales will go to the Hats On For Healthcare fundraising total and half will go to the lucky winner. Make your own raffle tickets, so you don’t spend anything!

Virtual Fashion Show

Invite your team to show off their best head attire in a virtual fashion show! Offer prizes for the most colourful, creative, or unique hats!

Social Media Contest

Have your team share their hat look with a selfie on social media! Who ever posts a photo will be entered into a contest for a special prize. Be sure to use the hashtag #HatsOnForHealthcare when posting!

Host a Lunch or Dinner Party

Host a lunch or dinner party! Order your team, or friends a lunch, or dinner. It another fun addition to add to your party. Guests can make a donation to Hats On and enjoy their meal while showing off their best head-wear. Don’t have too much fun and forget to send us photos.