A Night in the Cold 2023

Thank you for participating in A Night in the Cold and braving the elements to help raise awareness and funds for our homeless neighbors in need. 


What to expect? Many of the participants shared that it was hard to get comfortable and stay warm, which made for a difficult night's sleep. They woke up feeling tired and uncomfortable. Although they didn't feel great physically, they were moved by the experience. They knew they could shower, get a meal, and some proper rest. What does a street homeless person do? What if they have to go to work? It was humbling for them to think about and gain a new perspective and appreciation for their struggles.

Where to sleep? You can sleep wherever and however you would like! Last year our participants slept in various ways, including a tent in their backyard or on their deck, garage floor or in a car.
Preparing for A Night in the Cold: We expect it will be cold outside. Here are some tips to help you stay safe. If at any point you feel unsafe or the temperatures become unbearable, PLEASE GO INSIDE. Do not feel defeated. In some ways leaving the outdoors to get warm shelter may enhance your experience and provide perspective knowing you have this option. What does a street homeless person do?
Below are some tips to help you brave the elements.

  • Avoid sleeping directly on the ground; you can use something as simple as blankets or cardboard as a barrier between your body heat and the ground.
  • Bring an extra pair of socks to change into right before you go to bed. Socks can be slightly damp from sweat if worn prior.
  • Doing a physical activity like jumping jacks before bed will increase your body heat. Nothing too extreme as you don't want to break a sweat. 
  • Wear a hat to bed, 6% of the body's surface volume is on the head. A cold head can trigger the body to feel cold.
  • Layer up. One of the simplest ways to stay warm is to layer dry clothing. Fleece and down layers can add a few extra degrees of heat.