A Night in the Cold 2023

Sharing is Caring!  Believe it or not, sharing your posts and tagging us on social media can make a difference.  It helps us expand our reach and build our followers, enabling us to raise awareness about our mission. ​


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We hope this social media series helps you reach your goal!

Post 1:  Maybe you can help?

(share a photo if you and/or your group)

I am raising funds to help the homeless, and I hope you can help me reach my goal of [insert goal amount]! On Friday, December 1st, I will be sleeping outside to help raise money and awareness for Homeless Solutions, Inc. [insert HSI tag]  with their A Night in the Cold 🌙event.  They're a nonprofit near me that helps homeless people get back on their feet.  I know it will be a challenging night, but I have a choice to give up my warm bed for one night; homeless people do not.  I want to do what I can to help!

Here is the link to my fundraising page. Any donation helps make a difference!


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Post 2:  I’m getting closer to my goal

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WOW, I’m so moved by the generosity and support I have received for my A Night in the Cold 🌙 fundraiser. In [insert number of days] I will be sleeping outside to help raise funds and awareness for our homeless neighbors in need.  I’m getting closer and closer to my goal. Check out my fundraising page.  Any donation is appreciated.


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Post 3:  It’s the Night of

(share a photo of your sleeping space)

It’s here!  Tonight I will be sleeping outside [insert the way you will be sleeping and the expected weather] to raise awareness and funds for the homeless.  It’s not too late to support my fundraiser. Here is the link [insert link]. Keep an eye out for photos of my experience.


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Post 4:  Thank you

(share a photo of you the morning after)

I can’t thank you all enough for the donations and encouraging words. [insert your reflections from the night].   Your support will make a difference for the homeless men, women, and children in my community.  Fundraising ends on 12/3 at 12:00am.


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