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About It's Our Turn

2020 revealed the importance of community. And here at Turnstone, we learned the significance and value of our community like never before. Through the past year, we have taken the time to reflect and be intentional about how our Turnstone Family can support one another now and as we plan for normal life post-COVID.

We recognized that Turnstone's seven-decade legacy is firmly rooted in community support and collaboration. This generous spirit is what drives our mission of empowering children and adults with disabilities. With access to services, programs, and support made possible by loyal donors like you, people with disabilities have the opportunity to seize the possibilities that allow them to reach their goals and live their fullest lives.

During the month of March, we began a conversation about inclusion and community through  Turnstone's First, People campaign for Indiana’s Disability Awareness Month.  Our campaign offered easy ways to show respect towards people with disabilities when communicating with them and stressed that integration and inclusion is the foundation of a stronger community. And after a year of isolation, that's what we're all looking for, right? Stronger, more cohesive communities?

As staff and supporters of Turnstone's mission, it's our turn to show our clients just how deep our commitment is to this community and that we value every person for their abilities. It's our turn to show our clients and our community, that we 
are still for them, even as the world around us has yet to feel certain again. We're asking you to join us in showing solidarity. 

Your donation today will ensure that people with disabilities in our community continue to receive the services and support they need most. All donations made will be matched, up to $20,000, by the Owen & Jean Pritchard Foundation! 

 Your gift makes a difference today. 

It's Our Turn to show our community that disabilities are just a different way of experiencing the world around us and that humanity shares a common need for community. 

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First, People

Community begins with respect.

Turnstone is proud to share with you this "First, People" video. Thanks to funding support from the Olive B. Cole Foundation, fellow community members joined us in sharing the easiest ways to show respect when communicating with people who have disablities.

Take a moment to watch the video and help us build an inclusive community that celebrates, respects and values our differences. 

We are all people, first.

You can learn more about our First, People campaign by visiting our website here.