Kids' Muddy Madness for St. Jude 2024

Be a Volunteer

About Be a Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for signing up to volunteer! Your participation is critical to the success of our event. 
We're offering a range of volunteer opportunities to give you plenty of ways to get involved and show your support. 

The Volunteer Schedule:
  • Volunteers work 9 AM to 1 PM.
  • Wear the bright yellow Kids' Muddy Madness Shirt.
  • You'll receive an email the week prior to confirm your time and duties.


  • Wear orange vest and direct traffic in parking lots as needed.
  • Inform people where registration and course are located.
  • Strictly enforce the park district’s NO DOG rule.


  • Welcome all who come to Kids' Muddy Madness for St. Jude and hand out maps of the course.
  • Confirm a cell phone number has been written on the child’s wrist band, in case of an emergency.
  • Provide directions to anyone needing assistance.
  • Strictly enforce the park district’s NO DOG rule.

Safety & Start Line Announcer:

  • Remind kids of the rules (just for fun, not a timed race, no pushing, may need to wait their turn on obstacles). Safety is our first priority.
  • Announce that if anyone needs help to see someone in a volunteer shirt.

Wave Announcer:

  • This person will be in the same tent as the radio station.
  • Announce the wave that is up to run, announce the next wave to be staged.
  • Work closely with the Start line crew (start line will have 3-4 wrist bands staged at all times).
  • Throughout the event, name and thank all of our sponsors for donating to the event and to St. Jude.
  • Mention each sponsor at least once every hour.
  • Announce the name of the child who's parent is lost (the volunteer from the ‘Lost Parent’ tent will notify you when needed).

Lost Parent Table:

  • If a parent can not find their child, leave the family at the table, then ask the volunteer at the wave announcer table to announce the child’s name.
  • Call one of the head volunteers who will direct the child to the ‘Lost Parent Table’.

Fire Engine For Josh Greene:

  • Help children safely on and off the fire engine.
  • Allow kids a few moments to use the water hose and keep the flow moving.

Kids Wash & Hosing Station:

  • Make sure kids wash is functioning.
  • Hose mud from the kids (do not give the kids the hose to use themselves).
  • Direct them to pick up a bottle of water, meet their parents, and to the changing areas.

Finish Line-Medals:

  • Give each runner a medal.
  • Then, direct kids to the water hoses and changing stations.

Unique Twist Assistant:

  • You are responsible for the money pouch.
  • Collect $5 per balloon.
  • Keep kids in line for balloons.

Foam Pit:

  • Help kids get through foam pit; help kids up if they fall.
  • Encourage no pushing.
  • Keep a towel in case anyone gets the foam in their eyes.
  • Refill the foam as needed.

Trail Spotters:

  • Cheer kids on as they go through the trail.
  • When needed, help kids over a hill or obstacle.
  • If anyone needs medical attention, call the emergency number (several members of the Morton Fire Dept. will be on the trail).

Water Station On Trail:

  • If a child looks like they need water, make them stop and take a drink
  • Remind them it is not a timed race.
  • Make sure all cups are in the trash bin.

Worm Crawl (Tubes):

  • Make sure they slow a bit while heading in the culverts.
  • Periodically, check the mats to make sure they stay in place.
  • Encourage kids to crawl and take their time.

Tire Hop:

  • Kids will need to march their legs through this obstacle. If a child can’t do them, then have them run around the Tire Hop to the next obstacle.
  • If anyone trips or falls, assist them in getting up. Make sure they are ok; if so keep them moving along. If not, then call the emergency number.

Mt. Everest Wall Climb:

  • Assist in getting kids over the wall.
  • Help on front and back sides.
  • Cheer on the kids.

King Tut Pyramid Climb:

  • Remind kids to use caution as they grab the rope, walk up the plywood, and then step down.
  • Assist them with the front and backside, especially when they jump down.

Stairway To Heaven (Hay):

  • The kids will stair-step both up and down; so volunteers are positioned at the beginning to assist as needed.
  • Control the flow, so there aren’t too many at one time.