Kids' Muddy Madness for St. Jude 2024

How to Register

We're very excited that this new platform allows you to register more than one child at a time! To introduce you to this new process, we've provided some screenshots below that will walk you through what to expect.

Remember, you do NOT need a unique email address for each child anymore. Each family will be considered a 'team' and will utilize the parent's email address. 

Start Registration

Select the wave for the child being registered.


Select Registration Method

Register via email is the most popular Registration method.


Name Your Team

  1. Name your team (Be original :) )
  2. Click START TEAM
    1. Enter your information
    2. Select Adult Team Leader as your wave
    3. If you're a group, enter the group information
    4. Make a donation, optional
    5. Accept the terms of the waiver
    6. Select NEXT
Name your team.
Enter your basic information: Name, Email, Mailing Address, Phone Number.
Select Adult Leadership as the Wave for yourself.
If you're a group, enter the group information: Number of children, Group Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email address.
Make a donation, optional but greatly appreciated. Accept the terms of the wavier and then click next



Add A Child Registration

On this next page, review your information, then begin adding child(ren) registrations by using the 'Add A Child Registration' button.

  1. Click the green button to ADD A CHILD REGISTRATION.
    1. Enter the first and last name for the first child.
    2. Do not enter any email addresses for any children.
    3. Either checkmark Copy my address information or enter the information for this child.
    4. Select the Wave
    5. Enter the date of birth for this child.
    6. Select this child's T-Shirt Size and whether or not you want to purchase additional t-shirts
    7. Accept the terms of the waiver
    8. Click SAVE
  2. Review the information entered for this child
  3. Repeat for additional children
  4. When finished adding children, select NEXT
Review your information and then add a child registration using the 'Add A Child Registration' button.
Enter the unique information for this child



Proceed to the Payment Info

When you've finished entering all of the children for this registration, click the NEXT button to proceed to the payment information.


Setup Your Page

When registration is complete, you'll land on the Registration Complete page. Here, you can begin to setup your Team's Fundraising Page where you'll see everything pertaining to your team's achievements. Click the green 'Registration Complete - set up your page' button. We encourage you to share your fundraising page with everyone!

Set up your Team's Fundraising Page