1. Ask a local bar, brewery, or café if you can be a guest bartender or barista, with tips going towards your fundraising goal. 

2. Organize a bake sale for your neighborhood, work, or school.

3. Host a theme party for your friends and family (e.g. Build Your Own Pizza, Wine Down Wednesday, BBQ, Movie Night). 

4. Plan a Trivia Night at your house a local business and ask for donations. 

5. Host a product demonstration home party with a percentage of sales back towards your goal. 

6. Offer a chance at a prize for everyone who donates (e.g. Starbucks gift card, scratch-off tickets, etc.). 

7. In lieu of a gift for your birthday, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, or bat mitzvah ask your friends and family to donate towards your fundraising goal. 

8. Accept donations in exchange for services: shoveling snow, mowing lawns, leaf-blowing, dog walking, wrapping presents, mentoring, etc. 

9. Ask your employer or a locally owned shop if you can start a “Gratitude Wall” in the break room. Create donation cards. Invite co-workers to sign a card in their own or someone else’s honor. Display these cards around your office as a thank you. 

10. Partner with a fitness instructor to offer a class for a minimum donation. 

11. Organize a run/walk/hike/ride and ask people to donate an amount for each mile you complete. 

12. Request donations in honor of your wedding or anniversary. 

13. Set up a tribute page in honor of your loved. Ask for donations to celebrate their journey with IBD. 

14. Challenge your friends, team, or club to raise the most money in support of your goal. The winner gets bragging rights! 

15. Set up an information table at a local community event with posters and signs about IBD. Ask for donations to support your goal. 

16. Ask a local salon to donate $2 for every haircut over a specific period, on World IBD Day (May 19), or during Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week (December 1 – 7). 

17. Ask a local restaurant, brewery, or bar to host a benefit night where a portion of sales or sales form a specific item benefits your mission.

18. Request a local restaurant, store, theme park, or cleaning company to donate a gift card you can auction off. 

19. Host a car wash and involve local youth as volunteers. 

20. Organize a tournament or create a friendly competition with activities like softball, pickleball, board games, or livestream gaming to raise funds. Participants can buy in or raise money to play.