Frequently Asked Questions, Brand Guidelines, and Liability Waiver

You play an important role in not only fueling but also driving our mission forward. By creating a DIY fundraiser, you are turning your passion into a purpose and helping the Foundation accelerate cures for IBD patients. 

All fundraisers benefiting the Foundation must be reputable and in line with the mission and core values of the Foundation. All participants must understand that DIY events are not produced by the Foundation.


Our mission extends through everything we do. The Foundation’s brand identity, which includes our logo, colors, typography, and secondary graphics, creates the Foundation’s brand. Refer to the “Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Brand Guidelines for the tools and assets you need to further our mission through DIY fundraising.


1. How do I submit fundraising donations?

Please send a check(s) made payable to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. To ensure gifts are applied to your fundraiser please include our Offline Donation Form and write the DIY event name in the memo. 

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

ATTN: DIY Fundraising

733 Third Avenue, Ste. 510

New York, NY 10017

2. How can I see who has donated to me?

Sign into your fundraising dashboard and click on View My Page at the top of the left navigation menu. You'll find the list of donors under your thermometer. You can also scroll down to Timeline to view your donation history.

3. Can I host a raffle or auction at my fundraiser?

Yes, but please remember to follow your state laws regarding raffles, lotteries, and auctions for charitable purposes. The Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status under Employer Identification Number 13-6193105 only covers programs and activities organized by the Foundation.

4. Can guests/donors receive an acknowledgment of their donation?

Online donations made through your DIY page will receive an emailed tax acknowledgment. Donations made by check payable to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation will receive a tax acknowledgment. Donations made by check payable to the third-party organizer will NOT receive a tax acknowledgment. A payment to the Foundation compiling all checks/cash received at an event would result in a single tax acknowledgment for the individual(s) writing the check. Online donations made through your DIY page will receive an emailed tax acknowledgment.

5. Can the Foundation assist in the promotion of my event?

Though we are unable to promote DIY events nationally, we encourage you to reach out to your chapter Foundation staff to discuss if promotional opportunities exist. We also encourage you to utilize our social media toolkit and order free educational brochures and resources here.

6. Can the Foundation assist with the cost of my event?

No, the Foundation does not pay any associated expenses with third-party events. Donations made directly to a third-party event can be used to cover the event’s expenses, but they are not tax deductible and the Foundation will not issue acknowledgments of these donations. In your planning process, be sure to develop a budget and brainstorm potential costs related to your fundraiser.

7. Can I use the Foundation’s tax-exempt status when purchasing materials?

Organizers of DIY fundraisers cannot use the Foundation’s tax exemption status in conjunction with the event. However, Foundation staff can provide a verification letter confirming the organizer’s intent to fundraise for the Foundation upon request.

8. Can I use the Foundation’s insurance for my DIY event?

No, the Foundation’s insurance covers events held and organized only by the Foundation. Since we do not have control over the event and it is being held by a third party, and to reduce our liability exposure, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation will not add third-party vendors or fundraisers to our insurance policy. If insurance is required, organizers must purchase an insurance policy at their sole expense. To purchase one-day insurance, we suggest K&K Insurance, (800-637-4757), or a similar insurance company.

9. Can I hold a third-party event if I’m under 18 years of age?

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign the third-party application and agreement form. Complete your Third-Party Fundraising Liability Release Agreement here.

10. Can the Foundation’s staff help me organize a third-party event?

Due to liability concerns, along with the large number of events and the limited number of staff within the chapter, the Foundation will not provide any staffing or other support for DIY or third-party events for activities such as registration, collection of funds, distribution of materials, event planning, event promotion, advertising, etc.

11. Can I solicit corporate donations for my event? 

Yes, corporate donations and in-kind donors can be a great way to involve your local community. Corporate donors can reduce costs, bring people to your event, and assist in community awareness. To ensure corporate gifts are applied to your fundraiser ask donors to give directly through your event page or via check with a completed Corporate Donation form.  

12. Can I use the donate button on social media to collect donations for my DIY fundraiser? 

If you sign up to fundraise directly through Facebook or Instagram, we cannot allocate those funds to your DIY fundraiser. You can however, you can share your fundraising page link on social media to ensure funds raised are allocated to your fundraiser. 

13. I need additional help with my DIY fundraiser; how can I get more help?  

We're here for you and looking forward to helping. Please email mail for support or additional questions. 

14. I have questions about Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Our team of information specialists in the IBD Help Center can help. Learn more here.

Please Note: The Foundation reserves the right to decline a third-party fundraising event. All DIY events benefiting the Foundation must be reputable and in line with the mission and core values of the Foundation. All event participants must understand that DIY fundraisers are not produced by the Foundation.