Create Your Own Event 

QUICK START GUIDE (click for a PDF version) 

The first step is to register to Become a Fundraiser here.

Once registered you can create your event page utilize the Manage My Page option in the drop down menu under your name on the top right.

To create an event, choose a template for the event you would like to host on the left menu. Then, in the drop-down menu, you can select the specific event type. From here you can add your event details and fundraising goal.

Complete the rest of the event details, click save, and you’re ready to host your event!

EVENT CHECKLIST Click for a PDF version 


List your passion, hobbies, and interests to generate fundraising ideas.

  • Decide on a name for your fundraiser – get creative!
  • Think about who should be involved or who you will ask for support.


 ❑ Pick a Location

  • Explore locations without site fees, opportunities to get space donated, or negotiate a reduced rate.
  • Is your event outdoors? Does this location offer a weather contingency option? 

Determine a date and time

  • We recommend planning a minimum of 3 months in advance.
  • Try picking a date that would work for you annually to help attendees mark their calendar year after year.

Permits (usually for larger events involving the public) and insurance

  • Visit your local municipality building to determine timelines and who you should be working with. Consider what city, park, or street permits you may need.
  • If insurance is required, organizers must purchase an insurance policy at their sole expense, or use donations made directly to the third-party event. To purchase one-day insurance, we suggest K&K Insurance, (800-637-4757), or a similar insurance company.

Set a Goal & Prepare a Budget

How many people do you anticipate?

  • Will you require a registration fee or have a suggested donation?

Determine possible expenses and estimate costs.

Consider reaching out to businesses for in-support or a corporate donation.

  • To ensure your corporate donations are applied to your fundraiser gifts can be made online directly through your event page or via check utilizing our Corporate Donation form.
  • Ask for in-kind donations to offset expenses and/or add to your event experience?
    • For example, food, beverage, sound system, T-shirts, decorations, etc.


Consider a suggested or required donation to attend.

Review our Fundraising Tips and Tricks for fundraising ideas.


Recruit your crew to help you organize, plan, and execute your event.

Delegate tasks and check in regularly to monitor the group’s progress.


How will people find out about your event?

  • Make a list of your network and potential supports
  • Email, call, text, and share your event on social media. Access our social media toolkit here.
  • Create a flyer utilizing our customizable templates, Green or White versions, to help promote your event. is another great resource for creating promotional materials.

Refer to the “Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Brand Guidelines when creating promotional materials.

Day of the Event

Schedule a pre-event walk-through with your volunteers to review everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

Create a checklist of the day’s schedule, including a list of contact information of vendors and volunteers, etc.

Have fun and greet attendees to communicate the event’s schedule.

Post Event

Be sure to thank attendees, volunteers, and supporters through an email or personal note.

Ensure any donations made via cash or check are attributed to your event by mailing them to the Foundation along with our Offline Donation Form.

Congratulations on a successful event!

For additional support reach out to our DIY team at