Play Pickleball and Fundraise 

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Pickleball is a fun, social, and easy opportunity to get active for IBD cures!

Pickleball’s simple rules make it easy for all ages and skill levels to play. Players can join in the fun as singles or doubles, get competitive, or simply enjoy a friendly game while raising awareness and funds for IBD cures.  


Setting Up Your Play 

  • Set a fundraising goal and decide what type of game you want to play  
    • See Fundraising Ideas below
  • Set a date and secure a location
    • Check out Places 2 Play for help
    • Be sure to consider how many courts you’ll need and time constraints
    • If your tournament is outside set a rain date ahead of time
    • National Pickleball Day is August 8, consider an event around this date    
  • Be sure you understand the rules of the game and share them with players
  • If you’re offering refreshments, ask local businesses to donate food and drinks
  • Offer a few yard games and activities for kids in attendance
  • Distribute IBD educational materials and Foundation resources
    • Request free resources here

Fundraising Ideas

  • Choose a gameplay option that you’re familiar with and that will appeal to your network.
  • Pledge your play, post updates on your DIY fundraising page, and ask others to donate for each game
    • Example: Pledge to play 50 games in 50 days. Donors can pledge $1 or 50 cents per game which equals a $50 or $25 donation
  • Ask opponents to donate to your goal
  • Host a tournament
    • Select a required donation as part of your DIY event registration  
    • Print tournament brackets and ladders here
    • Secure a couple of volunteers to help direct the tournament on game-day
    • Order medals or trophies online or consider making them
      • Remember you will need an award for each player   


  • Make flyers (template here) and include a QR code to your DIY event page
  • Distribute flyers during busy times at local pickleball courts
  • Reach out to local leagues and ask them to share your event  

Day of Event

  • Ask volunteers to arrive early so you can review and assign roles 
  • Set up a check-in station
  • Post brackets
    • Pro Tip: Bring a couple of blank brackets
  • Set out refreshments, educational materials, and a donation bucket  

Post Event

  • Thank players, volunteers, and supporters through email and personal notes
  • Submit cash or check donations within 10 days of your event. Include a completed Offline Donation Form.   

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