NEPA Next ● Epilepsy Community Space
The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA

From Dreams to Reality

The EFEPA's Northeast Resource Coordinator, Mary Loughlin, has always dreamed of having a dedicated space for Epilepsy Warriors right in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Then, earlier this year, our friend, volunteer and epilepsy advocate, Sally Smith, came to the Foundation with a passionate vision and proposal: an epilepsy community center to gather, connect and call our own.

We knew now was the time to take the next steps. It takes one champion in our community, like Sally, to step forward and help us turn dreams into reality. Between Sally's vision and our teamwork we are ready and excited to increase our reach, programs and services in the NEPA community!

You can be part of the legacy! Pick up Mary & Sally's baton by supporting our efforts with a gift or becoming a NEPA Next Ambassador. Join today and help build tomorrow. 

To learn more about Sally, check out the podcast where she shares her story and her dream for the NEPA Community Space here:

To support Sally's efforts and NEPA Next, visit her Ambassador page by clicking here: 


Join the Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA (EFEPA) and our local epilepsy community as we work to establish an epilepsy community space right here in our backyard!

The space will be an EFEPA community center where we can gather, meet, connect and volunteer in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Epilepsy can affect anyone, at any point in life, with no regards to gender, ethnicity or race.

Everyone deserves to feel worthy and included. Everyone deserves a sense of community. Everyone deserves a safe space. Help us better reach, serve and connect the NEPA epilepsy community with a gathering space of our own.

Become a NEPA Next supporter or ambassador today and help build tomorrow. Your efforts will lay the ground work for our community center. You can help us launch an epilepsy space right here in Northeast PA! 


Accessible, inclusive, and supportive space for people living with epilepsy and their caregivers.

Headquarter office space for the Northeast staff and volunteers.

Meeting room(s) for support groups, workshops, classes and conferences.

Designated location for seizure recognition and first aid trainings and education efforts. 

A place to grow, gain independence, support each other and exchange resources. 

A place to call our own. 


The EFEPA wants to expand our programs that demonstrate and celebrate the strength of our local epilepsy community. 

But we need your help!