How to Get Started

Now that you have become a NEPA Next Ambassador and picked up the baton for our new Epilepsy Community Space it is time to rally your network!

First thing’s first, be sure to personalize your fundraising page with a picture (pages with a photo of the participant are 3X more likely to receive a donation) and a statement about why you are fundraising for the NEPA Next Campaign. 

Who to Ask

Your family, friends colleagues and community want to support your efforts, especially if it's a cause important to you! So, don't be afraid to ask – the worse that can happen is they say no.

Family: You can always count on your immediate family but consider relatives you don't see as often or who live out of town. Don't forget about those close family friends who are always there for you too!

Friends: Think about the different social circles you orbit like alumni associations book clubs, online communities and religious groups. You don't have to always rely on your BFFs but connect with acquaintances who'd love to see you succeed.

Co-workers & Professional Networks: A good place to start is at your current job then try touching base with former co-workers. LinkedIn is a great tool to reconnect with past colleagues! Also consider clients, partners and vendors you do business with who'd be interested in supporting.

Community Members: Ask your family doctor, dentist, hair stylist, personal trainer or any professional you've frequented over the years. They may not know you're fundraising until you mention it!

Local Businesses: Do you have a favorite coffee shop, bakery or brunch spot? Ask them to lend a hand in your fundraising efforts.

Ways to Ask

One easy way to get started is s by emailing them. There are solicitation templates you can access through your dashboard under 'INVITE FRIENDS TO JOIN YOU' but we encourage you to get creative, share your story and craft your own appeal too!

Three simple rules to follow when soliciting donations: 

1. Always email one-to-one. It’s nice to receive a personal note, and it also holds donors a little more accountable than being one of many in a group appeal. 

2. Always follow up with your donors. Just because someone hasn’t donated to your fundraising page doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to: they simply might have forgotten. A little reminder never hurts

3. Always, always, always thank your donors. Make sure your network feels appreciated for supporting your efforts!

These tips and tools apply if you choose to send a letter too! Feel free to use the donation request letter below from our President & CEO when reaching out to donors and/or local businesses for support. You can always attach it to an email as well!

Download PDF Version