Race Rules

Rules and race details subject to change at the discretion of Power To Be.


  • Racers are to walk or run their elevation gain. Should a racer require an alternate method of completing elevation, they must have a plan approved by the Race Inclusion Ambassador.
  • Teams are made up of four racers. If you would like to race with fewer than four, please contact our Race Inclusion Ambassador.

  • This is a non-motorized race.

  • Cycling to gain elevation is not allowed.

  • Racers must complete the online race waiver to participate.

  • Racers younger than 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign an additional consent form.

  • Team Captains will be required to register their race completion time and total elevation achieved in that time.

  • Racers can use an elevation tracking tool of their choice. We recommend the free version of Strava to track your elevation.

  • Racers are only to track the incline elevation and time.
  • Elevation can only be gained from sun up to sun down - no climbing in the dark!

  • Pets are not classified as racers.
  • Racers are required to create their own training and race plan including training and event locations, logistics, fundraising and a safety plan based on individuals and team’s abilities and health. It is highly recommended that all teams complete a Route Card.

  • High intensity physical activity can suppress your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Participating in this event could put you at a greater risk of getting sick, including, but not limited to, COVID-19. Only you know your health and fitness levels to best determine your personal risk tolerance to participate in this event. Please refrain from participation if you have any underlying health considerations making you more at risk from cold or flu.
  • Please contact our Race Ambassador should you require an adaptability tool.


  • Racer bibs must be worn in-race.
  • Racers bibs must be worn during in-race TELUS Social Media Challenge photos.