2022 Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate

Course Information

Start times and routes

The Race starts and ends at Long Field on the campus of Northwestern University, at the corner of Sheridan Road and Lincoln Street in Evanston. Route subject to change. Course maps are below:

10K run

7:30 am - 10K starts  We will have a single corral for those who run 5-7 minute miles. All others should line up behind this group. 

The 10K course is an out and back run that follows the 5K, but continues south before heading north along the lakefront through Northwestern University campus, then turning south on Sheridan before looping back to finish at the start/finish line.  View 10K course map here.

5K run/walk 

7:50 am - 5K Run/Walk starts   We will have a single corral for those who run 5-7 minute miles. All others should line up behind this group.

Note: After 10K Run starts, 5K runners may begin lining up. 5K walkers should line up behind 5K runners ​

The 5K course runs out-and-back along Evanston's lakefront between Lincoln/Sheridan and Greenwood/Sheridan. It is a flat and fast race course! View 5K course map here.

Youth mile/Half mile course

9:00 am - Youth Mile starts, ages 8-13 

9:15 am - Youth 1/2 Mile starts, ages 2-7

The Youth Mile is an out-and-back course along the same route with a turnaround point at Library Place and Sheridan Road. The Youth Half Mile course turns around at Dartmouth Place. View youth mile/half mile course map here

Copies of all course maps will be available at packet pick-up and in the volunteer/information tent on Race Day.  

USATF certification

10K USATF #: 160Z3WR

5K USATF#: 13066-JW

CARA certification

The Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate has received the Chicago Area Runners Association designation as a CARA CERTIFIED RACE. This race has agreed to adhere to and uphold CARA’s Best Practices Guidelines. These Guidelines embody the highest standards for quality, safety and comfort for participants in a road race.

Mile markers

All miles are marked. Digital display clocks are located at every mile and at the Finish Line.


The race will be timed by Championchip timing. Only runners are timed by chips. Walkers who want chip timing should sign up as runners and then just walk the course. If you come to pre-race packet pick up, REMEMBER to bring the chip along with your number (do not remove chip from number) to the race with you.  

FAQs about the course

Can I join my child for the Youth Mile?

Adults are free to accompany their children for the Youth 1/2 Mile and Mile at no cost. To receive full benefits including the adult t-shirt and give-away bag, please register for one of the events open to adults (5K run or walk, 10K run).

Can I run with a stroller?

No, but you may walk the 5K with a stroller and strollers are allowed in the Youth Mile and 1/2 Mile.

Can a handicap scooter be used for the walk?

Yes, as long as you line up behind runners and fast walkers at the start line and you stay in the designated area for walkers.

Are pets, bicycles, in-line skates or other wheeled vehicles permitted?

No. For the safety of all, pets and wheeled vehicles (other than those mentioned above) are not permitted on the course or the field.

Can I run with headphones?

The use of headphones is strongly discouraged on road races, both for your safety and the safety and consideration of other participants. With headphones on, you may not be able to hear vital instructions and are not as aware of runners around you.