Read Feed Run Turkey Trot 2021

Read Feed Run Health and Safety​

Agreement: While many regulations have ended in NJ, health and safety is still our priority and by entering our event site on 11/25, you (participants, staff, volunteers, and spectators) are agreeing to our Event Day Safety Agreement & Advisory (see below). In short, you are agreeing that your temperature is below 100.4, you are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, you have not been around anyone who is ill, you are not under quarantine conditions, and you accept personal responsibility for the risk of contracting COVID-19 at a public event.

Masks: The State of NJ no longer requires masks to be worn at outdoor gatherings, but you may feel more comfortable carrying one with you should you encounter a congested area. You may find a mask useful as you wait for the start or during awards.

Social Distancing: It’s been a while now, but just a reminder to make sure you are always being mindful of social distancing and respecting the space of other attendees especially when waiting on check-in or bathroom lines. We respectfully ask you not to congregate near traditionally congested areas and find a socially distanced area after you check-in, use the potties, visit refreshments, and after crossing the finish line.

Hand Sanitizer: We will have sanitizer located throughout the event site.

Water: This year, there will only be sealed water bottles at the 5K water station for safety. We will also have water bottles available near the DJ prior to the starts and at refreshments when you finish. We encourage you to bring a hydration pack or favorite water bottle to alleviate any congestion near the water station(s) and to reduce our environmental impact.

Start Lines: Our 5K features a start line timing mat which captures when you personally cross the start line.
Although 5K awards are based on "gun time" or the official "on your mark, get set, go", you will be provided with a "chip time" meaning the elapsed time between when you cross the start line and finish line. For those preferring a more socially distanced start, we recommend that you wait until the final pace group (13+minutes per mile) is called to the start line and follow the last runners towards the start line. For the 1M, please spread out as your comfort level dictates and start within the first 5 minutes of the official start as there is no recorded timing or scoring for the 1M.

Finish Lines & 5K Results: Once you complete your 5K or 1M, please continue past the finish line and visit refreshments while maintaining social distance. Printed results may not be posted to avoid congestion. You can find your preliminary finish time at and you can find final results at

Event Day Safety Agreement & Advisory for all Participants, Spectators, Volunteers, & Staff

On event morning, by entering our event site in any capacity, you are confirming your acceptance and agreement to the following:

I certify that I have performed a self-temperature check today and attest that my temperature was below 100.4 F.

I have not experienced any signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 within the past 7 days (OR at least 7 days from onset of any COVID-19 infection signs or symptoms AND at least 72 hours since signs / symptoms have

I have not been in close or sustained contact with anyone who was sick within the past 14 days.

I have not traveled internationally within 10 days of the event (unless fully vaccinated or have completed a 7 day quarantine after US arrival).

I understand the risks and possibility of contracting covid-19 or any other virus at an in-person gathering.

I take personal responsibility for that risk to my own health and safety.

I agree to protect others by following social distancing protocols.

Advisory to Participants

It is strongly recommended that individuals considered by the CDC to be “at-risk” NOT attend. If these “at-risk” individuals choose to participate, it is recommendedthat they get clearance from their healthcare provider.