2021 Relentless Giving

FAQs (Rules of the Game):

  • The objective is to obtain as many points as possible, individually and as a an overall team (if you are part of one). You’ll do that by solving the clues and visiting unique downtown Houston locations, then uploading photos, videos, or short answers. You'll have the opportunity to stack your points bank by answering local trivia questions and taking part in bonus challenges. There are also sponsored clues along the way with a chance to snag some swag!

  • Heats w/ start times will be randomly assigned the morning of the event during                  Check-In (Saturday, June 5, 9:30 - 10a)Clues will be released at the start of the event.      You will have access to everything you need to successfully navigate and complete the        RELENTLESS GIVING scavenger hunt in the palm of your hand via your mobile device.          **At least one (1) team member MUST have location services enabled on their mobile          device (the HUNT uses geolocation), have a functioning camera, and be able to upload          photos and videos from their mobile device during the game.
  • RELENTLESS GIVING encompasses a large section of downtown Houston and we                  strongly recommend utilizing transportation of some sort: your own, a friend or                    teammate's, a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates, or even a rideshare (if you want to              drop that kind of cash)!
  • For photo/video challenges at least ONE team member must be included in photo.
  • For 21+ ONLY challenges, only those participants 21 years of age and older may                  complete that challenge. **For fairness, we have included Under 21 ONLY Challenges          as well. If you are not under 21, please allow the younger set a their fair shake and do          not partake in these challenges.
  • LATE COMPLETION: Any participant completing the final clue after their heat's                      scheduled end time will automatically have 500 points deducted from their overall              team total (or overall individual total if not part of a team).