On the Hunt for Good Health - 2022

On the Hunt for Good Health - 2022

About On the Hunt for Good Health - 2022

On the Hunt for Good Health is a virtual fundraising event through which participants will have opportunities to enjoy activity challenges with small groups of family or friends. The challenges will align with Rural Health Network's major areas of focus:

  • Transportation - Walk, run, bike or swim 26 miles, the average one way distance to a healthcare appointment in our region.

  • Food - Visit a farm stand or farmer's market. Share a photo of the venue, your purchase, or the dish you make with the ingredients you chose.

  • Well-Being - Create your own challenge. Use one of our suggestions or set your own health goal and share your plan.

Event messages and challenges will highlight our mission to advance the health and well-being of rural people and communities.

Activity Challenges and the active phase of the event are scheduled for September 16, 2022 - October 2, 2022. Have your friends and family sponsor you to complete each challenge and earn points along the way to advance on our leader board. Register today and get a head start on your points for every donation you receive! Are you ready to take the Challenge?


Starts at:  September 15, 2022 11:00 PM
Ends at:  October 2, 2022 10:59 PM




Cindy Martin, Director of Resource Development

Why Participate?

Rural communities face many unique challenges, including social isolation and barriers to accessing transportation, healthcare, nutritious food, and other essential services.


Thanks to your participation, we can continue to support people and communities by addressing barriers to health while also celebrating the assets that rural communities provide. Your support will carry us into the future.

Rural Health Network’s expertise in rural issues, healthcare access, chronic disease management, and programs addressing social determinants of health, including transportation barriers and food security, are widely recognized in the region. Strong partnerships exist with local and state government divisions, healthcare providers, schools, private businesses, and community organizations. Rural Health Network prides itself on working to bring innovative and effective solutions to address critical rural health needs.

Although our focus is on addressing the unique needs of rural communities, our programs are not defined by geography. Our clients also live in suburban and urban communities and there are many rural residents who access health services in the greater Binghamton area.

Why Should I Fundraise?

Many of our funding sources require us to match a portion of their funds with money raised locally. With your help, we can meet those obligations and leverage support that makes our programs available throughout the region.

Annually, we serve more than 30,000 people ages 5 to 105 through our variety of programs. 

With your fundraising efforts, we can further direct our focus on advancing the health and well-being of rural people and communities and continue providing vital support for our rural residents to ensure equal access to affordable health care, transportation, and nutritious food.

You can add the "fun" to "fundraising". Select one of our challenges or create your own challenge to complete. Encourage your friends, family, or coworkers to join you or support you and Rural Health Network. 

Earn a T-Shirt

When you raise $75 or more (your own donation counts), receive a free t-shirt and show your support for Rural Health Network when you wear it.

Select a size on the registration form and we'll order your shirt when you earn it.

Production and delivery may take up to three weeks. You will be contacted when your order is ready for shipping or pick-up.

Thanks to our generous sponsors