On the Hunt for Good Health - 2022


How do I earn points?

Complete one or more challenge activities to earn points. Challenge activities can be completed multiple times but badges and points can only be earned once per challenge. You will also earn points for each dollar raised, for recruiting other participants, and for sharing your progress on social media.

Is there a minimum to donate?

The minimum donation is $5.

Is there a minimum individual fundraising goal ?

Yes, the default minimum individual fundraising goal is $250. However, you can set your own personal goal at the time of registration. Participants who raise at least $75 will earn a free event t-shirt.

How long will "On the Hunt for Good Health" last?

Activity challenges will run until the 2nd of October. Donations can be made through the site at least 30 days past the end of the event. 

Do I have to do a challenge activity?

No, you can choose to make a donation without participating in the challenges. 

Is there anything else participants should know?
  • This is a friendly competition and we encourage good sportsmanship

  • Remember that this is an event to raise awareness and support for the Rural Health Network of SCNY

  • The challenges are based on the honor system, so its important to keep things fair and truthful.