R.O.C.K Ride

  1. Due to Covid-19,  this year's event has been cancelled.
  2. Can I use my login info from 2019?
    Yes and no. Childhood Cancer Canada and Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation have merged and are using a new fundraising platform. The 2018 and 2019 relevant registration information for past participants has been transferred over to this new platform so when you register yourself the system SHOULD recognize you and prompt you with certain information. But you will have to create a new profile to start the process. 

  3. Do I have to register online? How?
    If you are staging at a Satellite Location, then yes you must register online. If you are starting at Clare’s, you can show up without any online registration. Click the #rockrideniagara in the navigation bar up top to get back to the homepage - then click any REGISTER button. 
    For those not registered online, you must fill out a paper registration form and waiver.

  4. How do I get a Participant Number? Do I have to have one in order to ride?
    All riders who register online will receive a Participant Number, whether they are a Satellite Rider or a Niagara Start Rider. This Number will be used to verify completion of the waiver, funds transfer/delivery, # of ballots for Grand Prize and Preferred T-shirt size. As long as you are staging at Clare’s, a Participant number is not mandatory. Having one is the only way to earn a bonus ballot for the grand prize and reserve your preferred shirt size (subject to availability).

  5. What is the cut-off for online registration?
    Online registration is available until Noon on July 3rd. Please do not wait until last minute; the earlier you register the better it is for us to prepare. Online donations will also be cut off at Noon on the 3rd.

  6. When will the routes and maps be available?
    A detailed route will be shared with all pre-registered riders a couple of weeks before ride day. We have to ensure there is no last-minute construction requiring a change.

  7. In previous years, I had to submit my hardcopy waiver, even if I had pre-registered online.  Is that still the case?
    Not necessarily. As part of the online registration, you will sign an electronic waiver. If this is done, and you do not have a passenger, you do not need an h/c waiver. Passengers will be required to sign a waiver form (or parent if under 18) at registration/check-in on Ride Morning.

  8. Do I need to fundraise?
    Yes! R.O.C.K Ride is a fundraising event raising money for childhood cancer programs and the minimum fundraising amount of $50 is due the day of the event. You can pay the $50 yourself and get a tax receipt, or solicit your friends, family or coworkers, which helps spread the word as well. Our goal is to raise $40,000 and we can't do that without your support! We thank you for it!

  9. How do I fundraise?
    This system has a series of emails you can use to send out to your network - the default message provided explains the event and the cause but you can also edit the message if you'd like - with all the appropriate links required for your friends/family/co-workers to make secure online donations on your behalf. Once you have registered you are navigated around your account with prompts so will see where you can send these solicitation emails. 

    When you use the email system to solicit donations it will track the progress of those emails and let you know when you receive donations from your network. You can use the system to send them thank you emails from your account. 

  10. What are the points all about in the Leaderboard and how does that work with social media? 
    This new platform/system rewards you with points for a variety of actions you'll already be taking, such as: fundraising, recruiting other riders (using the in-platform email system), spreading the word, creating a fundraising event and posting pictures. You don't have to do anything extra unless you want to win the overall points prize, it's mainly for the fun gamification aspect. 

    Social Media - this platform is linked with Instagram and Twitter (not facebook) via the hashtag #rockrideniagara. Whenever you post a picture on one of those two social media channels and use #rockrideniagara along with it, that post and picture will be pulled into the event's Gallery. And you will earn more points! #rockrideniagara creates a "community" on social media to help inform people about the event and cause. 

  11. Do I need a hardcopy pledge sheet even if I raised funds online?
    If you have offline funds (cash or cheques) to submit, then you must submit the form and funds at registration/check-in. Do not record any online donations on this sheet. We will add your Online Total and your Offline Total from pledge sheet to get your Personal Fundraising Total which determines Top Ten & the number of grand prize ballots.  Note – Riders using a “Satellite Staging Location” have some special requirements – see #2 and #16. For cash donations collected please ensure all donor information is filled out accurately and legibly!  We recommend you keep the cash you've collected and replace it with a personal cheque for the full amount. As long as you submit the pledge form on event day with that replacement cheque the donors will receive their tax receipt. Cheques should be made payable to “Ride 4 Our Cancer Kids”.

  12. I have registered but now can’t participate in the R.O.C.K Ride. What can I do?
    Because there is no charge to register for the event, we can't issue you a refund and if you have a friend interested in taking your spot they can simply register on their own. If you would like to receive a refund for your personal donation, if you made one, please contact kim.lucas@ctcacf.org. If you have raised additional funds online, you could still win a Top Ten Fundraiser prize. You are only eligible for Grand Prize Ballots if you attend the event. If you have collected cash/cheques but can’t attend, email bob@rockride.com to arrange funds transfer or pickup.

  13. What do I do if a cheque gets written out to me rather than the foundation? Deposit the cheque then write out a personal cheque for the same amount to R.O.C.K  or Childhood Cancer Canada or bring cash in the same amount. As long as the pledge form you submit has the donor's information and not yours, they will still receive a tax receipt for their donation if it's greater than $20.

  14. I have cash donations on hand that I want to put online, so my fundraising total is accurate. How do I do that?
    CRA will not allow one person to make a credit card donation and have the tax receipt go to a different party. There is no easy way to switch your offline donations to online before ride day. Bring your cash and cheques with your manual pledge form to registration at Clare’s, that is what the h/c pledge form is for. Satellite riders will be advised how to transfer their cash/cheques in advance as they will not be going to Clare’s.

  15. What type of Club is eligible to compete for the Club Cup?
    You do not have to be an organized motorcycle club to qualify for the Club Cup. You can form a team of coworkers, family, whomever you like. As long as there are at least two members who mark down your Team name on pledge sheet or online registration to have the team entered in the competition.

  16. Can a donor donate to my team as a whole, not just a single rider?
    Yes, they can.  Select donate, search for the time, and select Donate. However, it is better to allocate towards a person on the team, so they earn ballots for the grand prize and may qualify for our Top Ten Fundraiser prizes.

  17. My T-Shirt doesn't fit, can I exchange it?
    Riders who have registered online, and met the $50 min. pledge amount will have their preferred size set aside on ride day. Other riders will have their choice but subject to availability. Only the first 100 riders (not passengers) receive a free shirt. This 100 includes online registered riders and “Ride Day Registrants”.

  18. I'm a new rider, and not comfortable riding in a large group. What should I do to ensure everyone’s safety?
    We understand some riders do not like riding in groups.  The Niagara route will be well-marked, and maps provided to everyone that morning. Riders who prefer to ride solo or with a buddy can roll out in between the group rollouts at 10:30, 10:45 and 11:00. Let Bob or a rollout coordinator know of your intentions.

  19. I don’t live close enough to Niagara to get there in time for registration. What’s the scoop on the Satellite Staging Locations?
    This is a new option for 2020.  See details on our Event Details Page. If you want more detailed info before deciding, email bob@rockride.com

  20. I was going to join a satellite group but have decided to ride to Niagara the night before and get a motel. What should I do?
    Notify Bob at bob@rockride.com.  If you were already expected as part of a group, he will notify the appropriate Road Captain.  If you had not already registered online as a Satellite Rider, email Bob and he will provide details.

  21. Do all donors receive a tax receipt? 
    Yes, for donations made online of $5 and more. These tax receipts are issued immediately via the email address provided. 
    No, for cash & cheque donations of less than $20 - this helps to reduce event-processing expenses. For cash & cheque donations of $20 and more, the tax receipts are issued up to 60 days post-event day and will be emailed to the address provided or mailed to the postal address provided. 
    No, for donations made by a charitable foundation or collective funds raised from a bake sale, lemonade stand, guess-how-many jar etc.