Rock the FIGHT | Fight for a Better Life


What is the Fight for a Better Life campaign?

The Fight is an annual fundraising campaign hosted by the Alagille Syndrome Alliance. In its 13th year, the Fight began as a virtual walk. Over the years it has grown into the largest annual fundraiser for the Alliance. Money raised each year goes to fund the many programs we offer to families and research. 

What is a Fight Team?

Supporters set up "Teams" utilizing our Fight donation platform. Teams can be an individual, a family, a business or any supporter. Teams can raise money by sharing their Team page digitally and/or through hosting in person events in their community. 

Do Teams have to host a virtual walk?

No, Teams can raise money in several ways. A Team can share their Fight Team page with family and friends where those supports can donate directly through this platform. Teams may also choose to host an event in their community. These events could be a picnic, a walk, a restaurant night, bake sale, lemonade stand, any event that is exciting to a Team and their supporters! 

If a Team hosts an in-person event, how does the ALGSA receive funds?

Team supporters may chose to give cash or checks at the event. Checks and money orders may be sent to the ALGSA after the event and credited to the Team page. Teams may also give out the link to their online Team page for donations.