Rosé All Day

Those who work together, drink rosé together, right?!

Your work tribe is one of the most important tribes you can be a part of.  You spend countless hours together working toward a common goal,so why not take that passion and direct it towards an amazing cause!  Just think what you can do together to support one of our non-profits all with a glass of rosé in hand.  The best part about this event is you can be a part of a team and fundraise for the charity you want to support.  We have three great ones to choose from!

Other benefits:

  • ​Team building at it’s best – cocktails always enhance camaraderie
  • You get to go shopping for matching sneakers and pink outfits
  • You can show off your epic moves on the dance floor 
  • You will have countless memories of good times to laugh and cheers about back at the office water cooler
  • Most importantly, you will have raised money for those who need it most

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