Red Shoe Crew

​Where do I go for help during the Red Shoe Crew Campaign?

  • ​JC Lopez, Development Coordinator
    • Email:
    • Office: 806-744-8877
  • TBD, RSC, Co-Chair
  • Staff - RMHC of the Southwest
    • JC Lopez is spearheading our Red Shoe Crew efforts in 2023 and will be your direct contact if you have any questions about or during the campaign season. If you are unable to reach him, or have an emergency, please reach out to our RMHC Staff and they may be able to direct your needs. 

​As a Red Shoe Crew Member, do we have to attend all Division meetings? 

  • Absolutely not! The Division meetings are completely optional, but are recommended for those who want to get the full benefits of our campaign program. Division meetings are for those who need to submit their reports, have questions about their ongoing campaign, members who are needing tips & tricks, and especially those who would like to network during social hour! 

​Do we have to volunteer for RMHC's Major Events? 

  • Red Shoe Crew members are volunteers for RMHC of the Southwest and support the organization through advocacy, fundraising, and volunteering. While Red Shoe Crew members will be volunteering their time to fundraise at their events, it is not required that they need to volunteer at RMHC's major events throughout the year. However, there are multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year if you would like to help us with our major events! 

​What if we're unable to raise $5,000 individually? 

  • ​Whether you exceed or fall short of your goal, every penny you raise has a direct impact on the families we serve! Red Shoe Crew members will work collectively to reach our overall goal of $50,000 by September 1st. There is plenty of time and lots of events to help us reach this goal throughout the campaign season. 

​When do we need to have our funds turned in? 

  • ​It is recommended that you submit any cash or checks immediately after your event has concluded to prevent any loss or misplacement of the money. All credit and debit card transactions will be taken directly on your page and will be credited towards your campaign goal. 

How many events do Red Shoe Crew members need to host? 

  • ​Red Shoe Crew members are expected to host between 2-3 events throughout the campaign season. Remember, as a Red Shoe Crew member, you are an advocate for RMHC of the Southwest and the main purpose of this campaign is to create awareness for RMHC. Each event you host will help you get closer to your fundraising and awareness goals.