Share a Step FAQ 

What will this event benefit? 

Share a Step 2021 will benefit the second phase of renovations of the Springs Building at Wesley Health Care Center. The first phase was completed in 2016 for the Fifth floor of Springs, which serves as a benchmark for the next phase. These updates create a contemporary, efficient, comfortable and home-like environment. The change is remarkable and well received by residents and families, click here to learn more about this project!

Do I have to walk, run or bike? I just want to raise funds for Share a Step. 

While we encourage walking even just a mile a day, we are happy to have participants just raise funds for the event! You can create a fundraising page, and share your own story on why you are fundraising for the Springs renovation project. Make sure you share your page with your social circles to earn points for participation! 

How do I join the Champions' Club for Share a Step? 

Anyone can become an Ambassador for Share a Step! These individuals will be a part of the team of community volunteers who create individual or team fundraising pages, commit to sharing their journey leading up to, and throughout the event, and help to grow the reach of this event to help have an even bigger impact for the Seniors of The Wesley Community. For more information, and to become an ambassador, contact Katelynn Donovan at to sign up to receive your speciality Ambassador Kit, and social media tools to start sharing today! 

How do I automatically track my fitness?

All participants who are walking, running or biking have two options for tracking their fitness. 

1. You may ​track your fitness miles on your own, and then manually enter the miles that you have traveled to your individual fundraising page. This will automatically update your page, as well as the leaderboards. 

2. You may create a free Strava account (click here) to track your workouts. You may link your preferred activity trackers to your Strava account, or simply use the app while you are getting your miles in. Once the activity is complete your page will automatically update, as well as the leaderboard. 

Do I have to take on one of the challenges? 

We created the tiered challenges to create sense a of togetherness, with a healthy bit of competition as well. We encourage each participant to set a mileage goal that is comfortable for your current fitness level and what your schedule allows for over the course of the week. If that means walking one mile a night, or taking on the 100-mile challenge, that is up to you!

We are excited to share a step with all participants - from 1 mile to 100! 

Do I get anything for participating? 

  • All participants who are registered by the first day of the event will receive a swag bag with items to help travel their miles over the week. 
  • All participants who create a fundraising page, track their fitness and meet the minimum fundraising requirements will receive a "Finisher" prize and athletic shirt.
  • Daily prizes will be awarded to randomly selected participants who track their fitness or share their fundraising page on social media the day prior. 

​What are the fundraising requirements to qualify for the Finisher prizes? 

The minimum fundraising requirement for an individual to receive the finisher prize and finisher athletic shirt is $250 and the team minimum is $500. We encourage teams not to exceed 5 members, and will only be able to provide up to 5 finisher prizes per team. There is no mileage minimum requirement to receive these items. 

Can I purchase Share a Step swag? 

Yes! a portion of the proceeds from The Share a Step Swag Store will benefit the Share a Step effort and the Campaign For Springs. Don't miss your chance to get your share a step items today! The store can be reached here