Spin For Kids 2024

Upcoming Peloton Rides: 

Host a Ride

Let us know when and what ride you'd like to do and we'll push it out to our SFK community! 

How to add your #CTLSpinForKids to your Peloton profile:

1.     On the app or on your bike, tap your profile (Silhouette of the person).

2.    Underneath your screen name, tap the # in order to change
3.    Tap either search or create Or +ADD TAGS
4.    Type CTLSpinForKids 
5.    Tap the circle on the left side to make it a * so that it shows each time you ride as your leaderboard hashtag.
6.    When riders are on the Peloton, they can search for other riders with #CTLSpinForKids by checking the leaderboard