What You Can Do

We can each do a little and accomplish a whole lot! Here are three easy ways YOU can help:

1. Share - Post on Facebook or send an email to your network to let them know why you're supporting the Pope Francis Center. Your commitment is inspiring. Share it! 

2. ​Donate - Every dollar counts in getting us to our goal. You can stretch your's even further by challenging friends to match your donation. 

​3. Attend - Join us for one of our three fantastic September events! Whether you're looking for a mental challenge (Off-Road Rally), physical feats (Bags N' Brews) or just a chance to relax (Cruise for a Cause), we've got just the things for you. And remember, everything is more fun with friends :)  

The Pope Francis Center

The Pope Francis Center has been serving Detroit's homeless for nearly thirty years. 

On an average day, we welcome as many as 200 guests and serve as many nutritious meals. We also provide hot showers, laundry facilities and access to doctors, dentists, lawyers, and housing providers through our free clinics. 

We see the humanity and goodness in each person who arrives at the Center and treat them with the dignity we all deserve. 

Thank you to our Sponsors!

This September, the PFC is Raising $60K in 30 Days 

to launch a Mental Health and Substance Use Program, tackling two of the toughest issues facing Detroit's homeless. 

Untreated mental illness and substance use are two of the leading causes of homelessness, and often lead to premature and tragic deaths. The Pope Francis Center lost six members of our community last year alone from complications relating to mental illness and substance use. 

We know that the road to recovery can be long and bumpy. That's why this program is so crucial! Our Mental Health and Substance Use Program would provide support services from the moment a person first reaches out for help through to long-term stability and sobriety.

That's where YOU come in! By simply sharing this campaign, donating or attending our events, you can make a truly life-changing impact. Find out more about how you can help below!