Tour for Kids Ontario 2020

  1. What are accommodations at Tour for Kids?

Accommodation for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) are included in your 3-day registration fee. Trent University, Gzowski College, offers limited rooms with one double bed, air conditioning, desk, dresser and wardrobe. One washroom is accessible from each of the two adjoining bedrooms. Make sure you indicate who you’ll be sharing the washroom with.  We’ll do our best to keep teams together.  We will be selling rooms for Thursday night at the same College on our website, watch for announcements on our social channels. 

  • Do I need to fundraise?

Indeed!  Tour for Kids is a fundraiser and the minimum fundraising amount is due the day of the ride.  The last day to submit donations is September 30th but please continue to fundraise until the end of the year.

  • I can no longer participate in Tour for Kids, what do I need to do?

Email as soon as you find out you can no longer ride.  After June 1, we are unable to process refunds, however we can turn your registration fee to a donation.   If you’re an Early Bird with a personalized jersey, we ask you to cover the cost of the jersey ($100) regardless when you cancel your registration.

  • Ugh, my jersey/bibs/tshirt doesn’t fit, can I exchange them? 

For sure, if they are available.  Once Tour for Kids starts and everyone has their SWAG, we’ll do our best to exchange your size. Visit us at Concierge and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • Do I need a helmet?  I just checked my bike and the chain is rusty – what do I do?

You totally need a helmet.  Hopefully you’ve been on your bike a few times before you arrive at Tour for Kids and it’s been serviced and maintained.   Our mechanics will support your ride with minor repairs, but they aren’t miracle workers.  The cost of repairs are managed between yourself and our mechanics.

  • What if I can’t meet the minimum fundraising amount?

Riders who have not met their minimums by the start of the event are reminded are asked to provide their credit card information to cover the discrepancy and your SWAG kit will be held back until your fundraising commitment has been met. 

Riding with a team?  Each team member must raise the minimum fundraising amount, one team member cannot be the primary fundraiser and “cover” the fundraising for the rest of the team.  As a goal, your team’s fundraising should increase with each new member.

  • What if I can’t ride the whole distance?

That’s why we have route support.  If you have a mechanical issue, our mechanics will do their best to help you.  If you’re tired or injured our medics will check you out first then find a vehicle to take you back to the finish line.

  • Do I need a pledge form?

Only If you are collecting donations in cash and/or cheques from donors who are eligible for tax receipts. You may also enter these cash/cheque donations on your Fundraise & Thank you area of your account online that you created when you signed up for the event. This is the easiest and fastest way because when you submit them to us on event day, we will confirm them online and the donors will receive their tax receipts automatically.

  • What do I do with cash and cheque donations I receive?

Cash and cheque donations you receive may be entered individually in the fundraising section of your participant page and will credit your fundraising total immediately. Log into the site, then hover over your name in the top right and click on ‘Manage my Page.’ Click on ‘Fundraise and Thank Yous’ and go to ‘Enter Cash/Cheques’ tab.  Enter your donations.

·        For cash donations or cheques made out to you personally: You may enter each cash donation separately with the donor’s name, email and address so that they each receive a donation receipt. You can then process all cash donations to your credit card and keep the cash. You will receive a payment receipt email to confirm the donations you process on your credit card. Remember, if you receive cheques made out to you personally, rather than to the Event/Foundation, you treat these as cash donations.

·        For cheque donations: You may enter each cheque donation separately with the donor’s name, email and address so that they each receive a tax receipt. You then mail the cheques to us at: 20 Queen St W, Box 17, Toronto, Ontario  M3H 3R3  Canada

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you enter a bulk of cash donations at once or bulk of cheque donations at once, you can enter a generic name, such as “generous donors” but you don’t enter a donor email or address, since no donation receipt will be issued.

  • What is considered a receiptable donation?

Donations made by individuals or a company over the amount of $20 with complete mailing addresses will receive a tax receipt.

Donations stemming from, but not limited to, auctions, event tickets, pooling together money do not qualify for tax receipts.

  • How old do I need to be to ride Tour for Kids?

Minors who are 16, 17, or 18 years of age as of the date of the event must present a letter that identifies an adult assigned to be their 24 hour escort on and off the bike for the duration of Tour for Kids.  For more info, visit: