Tour for Kids Ontario 2020

Packing List

Since you are your own Domestique, packing light is critical, 2 smaller bags are ideal. If you’re looking for packing tips here’s a few:

·        Dressing in layers is suggested, be prepared for various weather conditions.   Comfy shoes when you're off the bike, fleece, long pants, toque/baseball hat, sunscreen, costumes for Theme Day (TBA,) rain gear, cash/credit card to purchase items at the Tour for Kids Store etc.

·        Specific items that cater to your food allergies/sensitivities. There is a large assortment of food at Tour for Kids, however we do cannot meet the specific needs of food requirements/restrictions.

·        Tour for Kids supplies sunscreen and mosquito repellent, however, feel free to bring your own to ensure you’re covered at all times.