Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our Walk page to learn more about Autism Delaware’s longest-running and largest community event. To those of you who are new to the Walk, we hope you will get a sense from these pages of the camaraderie and joy that our families have experienced over the years of coming together in support of autistic individuals and the important members in their lives.

Today, this event is about sharing information, meeting new folks, raising funds to support others, and simply having a good time. To those of you have been with us for the Walk before and are visiting these pages in anticipation of the 2022 Walk, we appreciate your continued support. You are the folks who have made the Walk as much a family reunion as a fundraising event.

The rate of autism is increasing--one in 44 children now have an ASD diagnosis, according to the Centers for Disease Control, up from one in 54 just two years ago. That means a growing demand for our services and our ability to meet this demand is directly related to the engagement, action, and generosity of the families, individuals, and businesses who support events like the Walk.

As we emerge from the pandemic and its stifling impact on all of our events and services, we are ready to come out in full force at two new venues for the 2022 Walk—Delaware City’s Fort DuPont for the northern leg and Milton’s Hudson Fields for the southern leg. I invite you to be a part of this celebration of our remarkable families and their supporters who share our goal of autism acceptance and inclusion.

It is time for our families to come together, rejoice in each other, celebrate the good, and acknowledge the challenges. Like any family, we have truly had our good days and bad…but it all means more when you can share it with folks you have not seen in a year or so! I am excited and I hope you are… we have much work to do together.

Brian Hall
Executive Director, Autism Delaware

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