2023 Delta Sigma Pi Founders' Day Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Founders’ Day Challenge?
The Founders’ Day Challenge fundraising campaign begins at 12:01 a.m. November 7 and ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) November 8. The purpose of the Founders’ Day Challenge is to celebrate Founders’ Day while supporting the heart of Delta Sigma Pi--our collegiate chapters--by collecting gifts from brothers, friends and family for each Chapter’s Leadership Fund.

What is a Chapter Leadership Fund?
Chapter Leadership Funds (CLFs) are chapter-specific accounts within the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation created to receive charitable gifts restricted to each Delta Sigma Pi chapter. Collegiate chapters can request grants to defray the direct costs related to attending Fraternity events (LEAD Provincial Conferences, LEAD Schools, Grand Chapter Congress and Presidents' Academy) or to help cover the cost associated with hosting educational or leadership development speakers.

How do I get started?!
It's as simple as registering as a participant or joining a team! 

What if my chapter is closed, can I give to another chapter?
Absolutely! You can support any chapter(s) of your choosing or give to the Annual Fund.

Can I just donate to the Annual Fund and not a Chapter Leadership Fund?
Yes! Just choose “Annual Fund” under "I would like my gift to support the following fund".

What if I want to organize a team to fundraise for the Founders’ Day Challenge? Is that possible?
Of Course! Just click “Join or Start a team” under the “Get Involved” tab on the Founders’ Day Homepage.

What are Ambassadors?
Ambassadors have a simple, yet important mission - spread the word about Delta Sigma Pi days of giving to their social media networks. Ambassadors have access to content, images and badges to utilize in their posts and will help ensure the success of the Founders’ Day Challenge by increasing the number of alumni, friends and parents who donate to the Foundation through peer-to-peer social media and email. 

Will each collegiate chapter have their own fundraising page?
Yes! Each chapter has a team page already set up and ready to customize!

Can anyone set up their own donation page?
We encourage it! Anyone can create their own donation page without being a part of a team. Just click the “Register” button under the “Get Involved” tab on the Founders’ Day Challenge home page.

I want to support my friend's team, but would prefer to donate to a different fund than they are supporting. Can I pick which fund I'm supporting?
Yes! Each donor chooses which fund their donation supports. 

Do I have to give online or can I mail a check to Central Office?
You can make a donation online using the Founders’ Day Challenge platform or you can mail your Founders’ Day donation to the Central Office at 330 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, OH 45056. Please contact foundation@dsp.org with questions.

If our chapter hosts an event for Founders’ Day, how can we maximize our gifts through the Founders’ Day Challenge?
We encourage all chapters to create a Founders' Day Challenge team and to utilize the tools within the team page. You can send emails inviting friends and family to participate, share your page on social media, create events and activities and more! If you host an in-person event, you can add any cash or check donations received during the event or collect gifts directly through the page during the event.