2023 Delta Sigma Pi Founders' Day Challenge

As a special incentive, six chapters (based on chapter size) who raise the most money toward their Chapter Leadership Funds, will receive an additional $500 donation to their CLF. 

Awards will be disbursed to chapters who raise the most money by chapter size - two awards to each tier.  In case of a tie, a drawing will be held.

Alpha Nu (University of Denver)
Alpha Tau (Mercer University)
Beta Psi (Louisiana Tech University)
Chi Omega (Old Dominion University)
Delta Nu (Loyola University-New Orleans)
Delta Omicron (San Francisco State University)
Delta Pi (University of Nevada-Reno)
Delta Tau (Indiana State University)
Epsilon Iota (Minnesota State University)
Epsilon Kappa (Shepherd University)
Epsilon Omega (Eastern Illinois University)
Epsilon Phi (Cal State University-Sacramento)
Epsilon Psi (Christian Brothers University)
Epsilon Sigma (La Salle University)
Epsilon Theta (Cal State University-Chico)
Epsilon Upsilon (New Mexico State University)
Epsilon Zeta (Midwestern State University)
Eta Kappa (Troy University)
Eta Mu (Northern Illinois University)
Eta Pi (Wayne State College)
Eta Upsilon (University of West Florida)
Gamma Epsilon (Oklahoma State University)
Gamma Eta (University of Nebraska-Omaha)
Gamma Iota (University of New Mexico)
Gamma Phi (University of Texas-El Paso)
Iota Omicron (University of Central Missouri)
Iota Phi (Cal State University-Fresno)
Iota Upsilon (Cal State University-Northridge)
Kappa Chi (Savannah State University)
Kappa Pi (University of North Florida)
Kappa Psi (Bellarmine University)
Kappa Rho (Adelphi University)
Kappa Upsilon (Winona State University)
Kappa Xi (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Lambda Omicron (Western Illinois University)
Lambda Psi (University of Hawaii-Hilo)
Mu Chi (University of Colorado-Colorado Springs)
Mu Phi (Saginaw Valley State University)
Mu Pi (Penn State University-Erie)
Nu Chi (University of Lynchburg)
Nu Omega (Rockhurst University)
Nu Phi (University of Northern Colorado)
Omega Tau (Northwood University)
Omicron Chi (Frostburg State University)
Omicron Psi (Washington State University)
Omicron Rho (Cornell University)
Phi Omega (Cleary University)
Pi Phi (Pace University-Westchester)
Pi Psi (City University of New York-Baruch College)
Pi Tau (Albion College)
Psi Omega (Capital University)
Rho Phi (Concordia University)
Rho Psi (University of South Florida-St. Petersburg)
Sigma Psi (Lindenwood University)
Tau Chi (University of California-Merced)
Tau Omega (University of La Verne)
Tau Phi (Jacksonville State University)
Theta Kappa (University of Akron)
Theta Tau (St. Cloud State University)
Upsilon Phi (Eckerd College)
Xi Pi (University of Redlands)
Xi Psi (Bryant University)
Xi Upsilon (Marshall University)
Zeta Eta (Saint Peter's University)
Zeta Nu (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
Zeta Omega (Northern Arizona University)
Zeta Tau (Cal State University-East Bay)
Zeta Theta (Western Kentucky University)
Zeta Xi (Lewis University)

Alpha Delta (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Alpha Eta (University of South Dakota)
Alpha Iota (Drake University)
Beta Iota (Baylor University)
Beta Omicron (Rutgers University-Newark)
Beta Sigma (Saint Louis University)
Beta Upsilon (Texas Tech University)
Beta Xi (Rider University)
Beta Zeta (Louisiana State University)
Chi Psi (University of Texas-Dallas)
Delta Epsilon (University of North Texas)
Delta Iota (Florida Southern College)
Epsilon Chi (Georgia Southern University)
Epsilon Lambda (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Epsilon Omicron (Western Michigan University)
Epsilon Xi (Ball State University)
Eta Chi (Cal State Poly University-Pomona)
Eta Psi (University of Houston)
Eta Tau (McNeese State University)
Eta Theta (Angelo State University)
Gamma Lambda (Florida State University)
Gamma Tau (University of Southern Mississippi)
Gamma Upsilon (Babson College)
Gamma Xi (Santa Clara University)
Iota Chi (Illinois State University)
Iota Nu (Truman State University)
Iota Rho (Howard University)
Kappa (Georgia State University)
Kappa Lambda (Binghamton University)
Kappa Mu (Cal Poly State University-San Luis Obispo)
Kappa Nu (Longwood University)
Kappa Omega (Purdue University)
Kappa Phi (Valparaiso University)
Kappa Sigma (Indiana-Purdue at Indianapolis)
Lambda Mu (University of the Pacific)
Lambda Phi (Cal State University-Long Beach)
Lambda Pi (University of San Diego)
Lambda Upsilon (St. Mary's University)
Mu Rho (Colorado State University)
Nu Pi (Kennesaw State University)
Nu Sigma (Roger Williams University)
Nu Xi (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
Omega Chi (Drexel University)
Omega Phi (College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University)
Omega Psi (St. John Fisher University)
Omega Sigma (University of Minnesota-Duluth)
Omega Upsilon (Providence College)
Omicron Phi (University of Texas-San Antonio)
Omicron Pi (Radford University)
Omicron Sigma (University of California-San Diego)
Pi Chi (University of California-Santa Cruz)
Pi Omega (Trinity University-San Antonio)
Pi Sigma (University of California-Irvine)
Rho Chi (University of Hawaii-Manoa)
Rho Omega (University of Richmond)
Rho Sigma (University of California-Santa Barbara)
Rho Upsilon (Pepperdine University)
Sigma Phi (Chapman University)
Tau Psi (Coastal Carolina University)
Theta Chi (San Jose State University)
Theta Lambda (Xavier University)
Theta Omega (St. Edward's University)
Theta Pi (Bowling Green State University)
Theta Upsilon (Siena College)
Upsilon Chi (California Lutheran University)
Upsilon Omega (Stony Brook University)
Upsilon Psi (University of Washington-Bothell)
Xi Chi (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Xi Omicron (University of California-Los Angeles)
Xi Phi (University of Massachusetts-Boston)
Xi Rho (George Washington University)
Zeta (Northwestern University-Evanston)
Zeta Lambda (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Zeta Mu (University of Texas-Arlington)
Zeta Phi (Florida Atlantic University)
Zeta Psi (University at Albany)

Alpha Beta (University of Missouri-Columbia)
Alpha Chi (Washington University in St. Louis)
Alpha Epsilon (University of Minnesota)
Alpha Gamma (Penn State University-State College)
Alpha Kappa (University at Buffalo)
Alpha Lambda (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Alpha Omega (DePaul University)
Alpha Omicron (Ohio University)
Alpha Pi (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Alpha Psi (University of Chicago)
Alpha Rho (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Alpha Sigma (University of Alabama)
Alpha Theta (University of Cincinnati)
Alpha Upsilon (Miami University)
Alpha Xi (University of Virginia)
Alpha Zeta (University of Tennessee)
Beta Epsilon (University of Oklahoma)
Beta Eta (University of Florida)
Beta Gamma (University of South Carolina)
Beta Kappa (University of Texas-Austin)
Beta Lambda (Auburn University)
Beta Nu (University of Pennsylvania)
Beta Omega (University of Miami)
Beta Phi (Southern Methodist University)
Beta Pi (Kent State University)
Delta (Marquette University)
Delta Sigma (Loyola Marymount University)
Delta Upsilon (Texas Christian University)
Epsilon (University of Iowa)
Epsilon Rho (University of Tampa)
Epsilon Tau (University of Dayton)
Eta Rho (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)
Gamma (Boston University)
Gamma Kappa (Michigan State University)
Gamma Mu (Tulane University)
Gamma Omega (Arizona State University)
Gamma Pi (Loyola University-Chicago)
Gamma Psi (University of Arizona)
Gamma Sigma (University of Maryland-College Park)
Iota (University of Kansas)
Iota Mu (Georgia College & State University)
Iota Pi (San Diego State University)
Kappa Omicron (Missouri State University)
Kappa Tau (Clemson University)
Lambda (University of Pittsburgh)
Lambda Nu (Texas A&M University-College Station)
Lambda Sigma (Cal State University-Fullerton)
Lambda Tau (Bentley University)
Lambda Xi (Grand Valley State University)
Mu Omega (The College of New Jersey)
Mu Psi (Iowa State University)
Nu (Ohio State University)
Nu Tau (University of St. Thomas)
Nu Upsilon (West Virginia University)
Omicron (Vanderbilt University)
Omicron Omega (University of Delaware)
Phi Chi (University of Rhode Island)
Pi (University of Georgia)
Pi Rho (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
Psi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Rho Tau (Rutgers University-New Brunswick)
Sigma Omega (Northeastern University)
Sigma Tau (Duke University)
Sigma Upsilon (University of Washington-Seattle)
Theta Iota (University of Connecticut)
Theta Phi (University of South Florida-Tampa)
Theta Rho (Duquesne University)
Theta Sigma (University of Central Florida)
Upsilon (University of Illinois-Urbana)
Xi (University of Michigan)
Xi Tau (Syracuse University)
Zeta Pi (St. Joseph's University)
Zeta Upsilon (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)