AIDS Ride for Life

Frequently Asked Questions about the AIDS Ride for Life

General Ride Information

When is the 2024 AIDS Ride for Life? 

    This year the Ride is on Saturday September 7th 2024!

What's the deadline to register to Ride?

You can register any time up to and including the morning of the Ride, however registration fees will go up as the date gets closer. If you plan to register at Ride, please keep in mind that there is a $100 fundraising requirement. If you plan to register on event day, plan to arrive at the park around 5:30am to have enough time to fully register and get ready for the event. 

What are the age restrictions associated with the Ride? 

Ages between 10 and 13 on Ride Day: Required to ride on a tandem or trail-a-bike during the ride.   The accompanying rider must be a guardian or the parent of the younger rider. 

Ages between 14, 15 or 16 years on Ride Day: must have an adult on a bicycle within close proximity (visible) at all times on the day of the Ride.  

Age Exceptions: Riders ages 10-12 years of age qualify to ride only on a tandem bicycle. Riders 13 years to 14 years may request an exception to this policy. Riders who are granted an exception will be judged on an individual basis regarding their miles to ride option prior to the Ride. 

21 & Younger: May not be awarded any alcohol related prizes. 21 and under Riders can register for a flat $25 throughout the year to Ride Day and have $100 required fundraising. 

I can't Ride but I would like to volunteer, how do I apply to volunteer with the Ride? 

    To apply online, please go to for more information and to register!

    Online registration will provide information on all positions available and will require you to make a selection. If you would like to be placed in a position or aren’t sure where you would like to volunteer, please call the STAP office to talk with the Program Assistant or Development Program Coordinator or stop by the office and fill out a paper application with your availability. You will be notified by email what position, date, and time slot you have been placed in. 

I have a large group (5+) who would like to volunteer together in one area, how can we apply?

    Please call the office and speak to the Program Assistant or Development Program Coordinator who will be able to see where a large group of volunteers are needed. Our office phone number is 607-272-4098

Fundraising Information

How much do I have to fundraise? How much is registration? 

    *For the 2024 Ride, fundraising has been reduced to $100 minimum for all riders. 

Registration fees will go up two times between April to September with some incentives scattered throughout the season, fees start at a discounted rate of $25 and by Ride Day they will be at the full price of $45. 21 and younger riders have a $25 registration fee through Ride season and Ride Day.

What happens if I don’t hit my fundraising goal by the day of the Ride? 

    Riders who have not hit their fundraising goal by the day of the Ride can still fully participate in the Ride but will be asked to sign a promissory note with their credit card number or a check that says they will cover the required fundraising if they don’t hit the fundraising minimum by a month after the Ride. A Ride staff member will contact the Rider before running the credit card number or turning the check in and exceptions can be made to give Riders more time after the October deadline. 

What does my registration go towards? What about the fundraising money? 

    Registration money goes towards the Ride and all of the various amenities provided to all Riders on Ride Day, including (but not limited to) food for each pitstop, tent rental, port-o-potty rental, t-shirts, and our finish-line festivities!

    Fundraising money goes towards STAP services that would not be covered by the stricter grant funding we receive for our services, it closes the gaps between the larger budget and the support needed to meet the needs of our clients. Donations ALWAYS stay locally in the Southern Tier of New York!

Can I turn in checks and/or cash donations? 

    Yes! Please mail them or turn them into either our Binghamton (22 Riverside Dr., Binghamton NY 13905) or our Ithaca (314 W State Street, Ithaca NY 14850) offices. ARFL staff will record the “offline” money on your fundraising page (please allow for 1-2 business day turnaround). Please ensure that they write your name or include a note that they are donating towards your fundraising efforts with your full name included somewhere! We also confirm all checks received to Riders once we do get them.

Who do I (or my donors) write a check out to in order to make an offline donation? 

“Southern Tier AIDS Program” Please write out the whole name instead of the acronym 

Can teams pool donations? 

    Yes! However there are a few stipulations:

  1. Team Captains must contact the Ride Coordinator or Program Assistant at the Ithaca Office (607-272-4098) by the last Friday in August

  2. Pooling teams must still raise an average $100 per person.

Who do I contact about Ride donations or trouble with my fundraising page? 

     Kayla Thomas, Development Program Coordinator (607-272-4098 x 316, or Hannah VanOstrand (607-272-4098 x 301)


Event Day Information

Can I leave personal items at Stewart Park or other Pit Stops on Ride Day?

Sometimes you have extra items (coats, backpacks, clothing) that you don’t want to bring with you on your Ride. On the morning of Ride, there will be two piles for Rider gear; one pile to be left at Stewart Park and the other to be transported to the Cass Park finish line. Notecards or paper and sharpies will be provided to mark your gear so we can get it to you!

*The 2024 AIDS Ride for Life will only have a pile for gear to be transported to Cass Park, if you would like to leave gear at Stewart Park please find a secure location like a vehicle to store your items as our Stewart Park base of operations will close after all Riders depart for the day.

Lost & Found Gear

If you have lost a piece of gear, please call the office (607-272-4098) in the first few weeks after the Ride (the sooner the better). Staff will also contact Riders if they find any gear that is labeled for a Rider after the Ride. When in doubt, ALWAYS label your gear! 

What are the dietary options for Pit Stops, Lunch, and Dinner?

Lunch & Dinner options are the most diverse, with some Vegan and Gluten Free options. 

If you have specific dietary restrictions do not hesitate to reach out to Kayla Thomas at to make sure we can accommodate your needs! 

    Pitstop Food (each pitstop will have different foods) 

        Various Fruits

        Granola Bars

        Mini Bagels w/ peanut butter and jelly options

        Cheese Sticks

        Saltine Crackers        

Cliff & Luna Bars

Hummus, Pita Bread, and Rice Cracker or Bread

Cheese and Crackers



Where are the pitstops? (Pitstop Addresses)

    Stewart Park (starting line): Large Pavillion - 1 James L Gibbs Dr, Ithaca NY 14850 

    Genoa Historical Association: 920 NY-34B, King Ferry NY 13081

    Frontenac Park: 15 Creamery Rd, Union Springs NY 13160

    Verdi Signs: 526 State Route 31, Montezuma NY 13117

    Seneca Falls: Seneca Falls Community Center - 35 Water Street, Seneca Falls NY 13148

    Traders Village Self Storage (formerly Liquid State): 6128 NY-89, Romulus NY 14541

   Trumansburg Farmers Market: 69 W Main St, Trumansburg NY 14886

    Black Diamond Trail: Trailhead begins on Gorge Road, the BDT pitstop is located at the intersection of the trail and Garrett Road. See Cross Street Map of the Black Diamond Trail for more information.  

    Cass Park (finish line): Baseball Field Side, 701 Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca NY 14850. Look for the finish line! If arriving by car, please pull into the parking lot near the baseball field. 

Are e-bikes allowed on the Ride?

While E-Bikes aren’t expressly disallowed, please ensure that the following responsibilities are followed: 

  • E-bike assistance should only be used as needed, do not plan to ride the whole route with E-bike support. Ensure that you have ridden the same or similar route and mileage with your bike before attempting to use it on the Ride. There will be no opportunities for recharging batteries along the ride route. Due to the hilly nature of the Ride, it is not recommended to take an e-bike on a route longer than 42 miles, it’s highly unlikely that an e-bike would be able to make the entire 90 or 100 mile route. 

  • Establish transportation support in the event that your e-bike does not last the entire length of the route. The ARFL SAG support may not be able to carry your bike if it requires any special racks or storage. Additionally, ARFL repair techs may not have the resources to assist with a broken down e-bike.

If you plan on using an e-bike on the AIDS Ride for Life, please contact the Ride Coordinator ( so that we have that information for event day. If you have questions or concerns about your e-bike on the ARFL, please contact the Ride Coordinator who can get you in touch with Russ Traunstein, resident route expert and committee member for the AIDS Ride for Life!

Contact Information

Kayla Thomas, Ride Coordinator -

Hannah VanOstrand, STAP Program Assistant -

Mary Kaminsky, STAP Director of Development -

Ithaca STAP Office: 607-272-4098