AIDS Ride for Life

How to Register

Signing Up is Easy!

1.    Click the “Get Involved” Drop down then “Register to Ride” 

2.    Choose the best method for you to register (Email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter)

3.    Select whether you would like to participate as an individual or join/start a team

4.    Enter your information and answer any questions along the way

5.    Add an Additional Registration for children under 13. We recommend your spouse, friends, family or coworkers register separately so they have their own fundraising page and contact information.

6.    Provide Payment Information.

7.    Click Finish, you did it! Now, let’s Set Up Your Page!

How to Manage Your Page

For a full help guide please follow this link to the OneCause Fundraiser Guide

Once you register, you will be taken to your page dashboard to set up your fundraising page and will get a short tour of the settings area. Add as much or as little as you would like including photos, messages, and blurbs! The area to the left in the picture below will guide you through this process and check things off as you go!

If you ever need to get back to this area, click your photo/avatar at the top right of the page.

Activity Options for all Riders

We have a bunch of extra activities that you can take part in once you’re registered (almost all of these activities are completely optional), see the full list below!

·         Upload a Photo – Earn some points and upload photos of past Rides, our current Ride, Training, and other Cycling or AIDS Ride related fun!

·         Upload a Video – Show your fundraising spirit to anyone who views your page!

·         Tell a Story about past Rides – Share some Ride experiences with us and earn some points!

·         Host a Fundraising Event – Set up an event to share with friends and family to fundraise! You can ask for donations for participation or sell things that people would be interested in! Examples: Bake Sale, Cookout, Movie Viewing, Auction, and more!

·         Safety Quiz – One of our only required activities is now set within the fundraising platform so you can take it with ease and get reminders about it throughout the build up to event day.

·         Record Fitness Activity – Record your training as you prepare for Ride Day!

Connect to Strava (Record a Fitness Activty) 

1.     Step 1: Go to Manage My Page

2.     Step 2: Select Complete Activities

3.     Step 3: Under Complete Activities and click on Track Miles

4.     Step 4: Click “Link My Strava Account” and enter your Strava login information to link your account and start tracking your miles!

Finding Your 2023 Donors: 

Go to your Dashboard ("Manage my page") and look for "Donations & Donors", then click the tab that says "Ask your friends". You will see a list of previous donations (names and emails, plus the amount and date they donated. From there you can send an email through OneCause or copy their email address to send your own message through your personal email address. 

Some other helpful resources:

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Twitter: @stapinc


Milestone List

Earn them on your or your team’s page!