Bras for a Cause 2024

According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in 2024, an estimated 313,510 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. ​

Gilda's Club is here to build a community of support around those who are impacted by cancer, whether that be the person diagnosed, the caregivers, or the family/friends impacted - regardless of cancer type. This event helps fund the support services that Gilda's Club offers. 

We walk to remember those who have left us too soon.

We walk to bring a glimpse of hope to those fighting.

We walk to remind those fighting that they are stronger than they'll ever know. 

Our survivor models may have that individual moment in the spotlight on stage, but through the unique bonds formed through this event, they create a community where they're never walking alone. Below, hear directly from them as to why they walk, what it means to them and why you should support this amazing event.


“I walk for my 8 year old, 11 year old, husband of 15 years, my family and friends.  When you are surrounded by an incredible cancer cheer squad, it makes participating in Bras for a Cause (BFAC) as your give back to each and everyone of them.  It’s your night to perform and show how much you appreciated their support during your journey.  It also allows you to connect with fellow Bresties and know you are not alone.  BFAC is so much fun - between the professional hair and make up, you truly turn into a star for the night!  I can’t wait to walk the runway in October, showing my spectators my gratitude and dancing the night away!” - Jodie

“It means everything as one day with my pink sisters is a whole year of great therapy ❤️ They are my extended family” - Lisa

"I believe my courage is stronger than my fear. That there can be life after cancer. That there are other women out there on this stage also choosing to believe in themselves, celebrate themselves. That there is a special connection in this group only this group understands. Being a model to me means, showing up on that stage facing my girls in the audience staring back at me, showing them it’s okay to be afraid but you keep going, that they will get knocked down in life but if they have the courage to keep going and to believe they can, they will. Quoting Atticus, that each an everyone of us on that stage in person or in memory… “…conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings…”." - Heather 

"I walk the runway in Bras for a Cause to show the world that cancer did not beat me. This amazing event allows women who have had to deal with this very unfortunate diagnosis to celebrate strength and life. Quite often a cancer diagnosis becomes all consuming- it becomes the topic of conversation, it becomes the first thing that is asked about, it becomes part of a woman’s identity. Bras for a Cause allows me to take control of this terrible experience and show it how I will be defined my experience- by strutting my stuff on a runway- which is incredibly empowering!" - Lauren

"Modeling at Bras for a Cause means being extremely proud and humbled to stand with the most amazing group of strong and inspiring women who I now call my pink sisters! 💖" - Cindy

Pictures are worth a thousand words, click here to view our event photos over the years.


If you are interested in becoming a model and have questions before signing up, please contact Megan at or by calling 248.577.0800.