Breakaway Cycling Adventure for Kids with Cancer

Ride with purpose and unite to support children with cancer.

Breakaway Cycling Adventure is a badge-based solo cycling challenge designed to raise funds for childhood cancer research and Childhood Cancer Canada programming. 

The fundraising challenge has three different categories with badges to collect for every participation level: Challenge Road includes achievement badges for experienced road and mountain bikers; Fun Lane features badges for leisure cyclists; and Family Avenue comprises non-bike challenges for every level. 

The adventure runs for eight weeks from July 5 to August 30, 2021.

The Goods

How does it work?

  1. Register and get your SWAG pack sent right to your door.
  2. Earn badges when you complete challenges! Pick challenges that match your experience level - Challenge Road / Fun Ave / Family Lane (or do all of them!)
  3. Invite friends and family to join you.
  4. Fundraise online for the Foundation programs like the COVID-19 Emergency Fund and earn prizes.
  5. Connect to #breakawaykidscancer on Instagram and tag @childhoodcancer and @beyondkidscancer. You can also search Breakaway Kids Cancer and join our Breakaway Cycling Adventure club on Strava to earn weekly bragging rights!

CHALLENGE Road for Experienced Roadies or Mountain Bikers!

Metric Century Ride

Cycle 100km in one ride or 62 km for mountain cyclists (MTB)
Minimum distance: 100 km road or 62km MTB


Plan a route that maps out the shape of a gold ribbon or something of your own creation. Post a screenshot on social media of your completed map tagging @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer
Minimum distance: 50 km road or 25km MTB

Mileage Challenge

Use Strava to track your best mileage over 7 days. Mileage leaders will receive a weekly shoutout in newsletters, and of course, bragging rights!
Maximum distance: It is all up to you!

Weekend Trifecta

Ride all three days of your weekend, cycling event style! Celebrate your accomplishment at the end of the weekend on social media.
Minimum distance: 300 km road, 180 km MTB over three days

Loop de Loop

Travel twice around same 40 km loop. Attempt to beat your time on your second loop!
Minimum distance: 80km road, 40km MTB

Ride Inside

Scheduled indoor ride via Zwift (timing TBD) or unscheduled indoor solo ride.

Minimum distance: 50km

Bike Bingo

Get out on your bike and find as many items as you can to get your Bingo. Your hunt should include: Road: underpass, tunnel, speed bump; MTB: plank bridge, jump, trail sign; All: bridge, switchback, Canadian flag.
Minimum distance: 80km road, 20km MTB

Not so Local

Ride to and support a business that isn’t local to you, but could use some local-style love.
Minimum distance: 60km road, 40km MTB

Imperial Century Ride

Cycle the impressive 100 mi in one ride or 62 mi for mountain cyclists (MTB)
Minimum distance: 100 mi road or 62 mi MTB

The FUN Lane for leisure cyclists!

Go the Distance

Ride a minimum of 15km in one ride. Plan your route in advance so that you feel comfortable but also challenged!
Minimum distance: 15 km

Hill Love

Conquer the hill you always avoid. Don't worry if you stop along the way, no one is watching or judging. You can do it!
Minimum distance: 5km

Ride with a View

Find a stunning view on your ride and stop and take a picture to post on social media. Don't forget to tag @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer!
Minimum distance: 5km

Support Local

Plan a ride to a local business and stop to support them. Take a picture - tag us and them! A bakery, coffee shop, microbrewery - find a local business in your community to support.
Minimum distance: 5km

Personal Best

Ride your longest ride ever (time or km). What would be a personal best for you? Reach a goal that inspires you and have fun!
Minimum distance: 15km

Puddle Jumper

Go out for a bike ride after a good rain and hit all the puddles. During and after pictures are encouraged. Tag @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer so we can see that splash!
Minimum distance: 5km

Switch it Up

Plan a route you have never done before. Pick a manageable distance and ride somewhere outside of your comfort zone.
Minimum distance: 5km

Costume Ride

Dress up in your favourite costume and go for a bike ride – post your costume and tag us @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.
Minimum distance: 5 km

Selfie Ride

Take 5 selfies during your ride. Be safe and share your gallery on your social channels using @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer
Minimum distance: 5km

Take FAMILY Avenue and involve your loved ones!

Get the Scoop

Go for ice cream by bike or on foot. Post a picture of your scoop on your social channels using @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.

Old School Fun

Put the electronics away and kick it old-school with a good old-fashioned game! Monopoly, skipping, cornhole, hop-scotch – it’s all up to you. Have fun and post your hijinks with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighbourhood and see how many items you can find. Here is a list: Acorn, Maple Leaf, Pinecone, Flower, a Bug, a Worm, a Snail, and a Pancake Shaped Rock.

Nature is Rad

Go for a min 2 km walk or hike. Wave hello to everyone you pass and post any beautiful pictures you take. Tag @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.

Random Act of Kindness

Pay for a stranger's coffee or groceries, donate clothes or blood, create a care bag for an unhoused person, pick up garbage in your neighbourhood - the opportunities are endless.

Dance Party

Have a dance party in your kitchen or backyard. If you're feeling brave, post your moves on your social channels with @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer.

Make a Splash

Run through a sprinkler or splash pad, have a squirt gun or water balloon fight, or participate in another water-safe activity.

Dog Walk

Take your own, a neighbour, or friend’s pup for a walk around your neighbourhood. Share the fluffy pup on social channels with @childhoodcancer and #breakawaykidscancer.

Camp Out or In

Spend the night in a fort or a tent. Camp in your living room, on your balcony, or in your backyard!

About Childhood Cancer Canada

Childhood Cancer Canada supports families across the country who have been impacted by childhood cancer with programs that include: Empower Packs, provided to children newly diagnosed with cancer; the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, for Canadian childhood cancer families in active treatment who have been financially impacted by the current crisis; Survivor Scholarships, for childhood cancer survivors with post-secondary academic aspirations; and the Benevolent Fund, that provides financial assistance to help a family with the costs of their child's funeral. The Foundation is also the primary charitable funding partner of clinical trials and childhood cancer research for C17, comprised of leading pediatric oncologists and hematologists in Canada.

We may not be together - but we can ride, have fun, and support kids with cancer.
We recommend solo rides or in very small groups. Please refer to your provincial regulations and guidelines for outdoor cycling here.


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