Chicago Together in Teal


We are Here to Help Ensure Your Team's Success

Asking your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to join you in bringing awareness and support to those impacted by ovarian cancer will help fuel our mission. Thank you to our teams for spreading critical awareness. You are leading the way in our efforts to end ovarian cancer!

Grow Your Team with Hope and Love

By starting or joining a 2024 Together in TEAL® team, you are taking steps toward building a stronger TEAL community. Help NOCC build more awareness and education, and raise funds to ensure programs and resources are available for all survivors and their families across the country. Use these resources to build an amazing team that will make a difference in so many lives. To ensure your success, we have tools below to help you motivate and coach your team. You can host fundraisers and set up activities to engage your family and friends. 

Download Your Team Captain Guide and Check Out Your Fundraising Resources


Show Your Team Your Gratitude for Their Hard Work!

Keep your team updated

Establish the right set of communication channels for your team. Consider creating a team group text, a group email, or a group on Facebook. Introduce new team members as they join!

Milestone reminders

Remind each team member that they can get a participant T–shirt when they raise $100, among other milestone rewards!

Fundraising dashboard

Ask everyone on your team to link their fundraising dashboard to Facebook, and watch the donations roll in!

Coach & motivate

Once your team members are registered, hold an in person kick-off or host it virtually from your living room to generate excitement and educate your team on the impact they can make on so many lives!

Share personal stories

Sharing personal stories is a great way to bring your team closer together.

Share fundraising tips and tricks

Share your tips & tricks and ask team members who have been successful in fundraising to do the same.

Monitor & keep the group updated

Share progress towards team and individual fundraising goals and recognize members when they achieve or move closer to their goal.

Create friendly competition

Recognize and reward your team. Prizes can be as simple as bragging rights! Fundraising incentives can be fun TEAL items, movie tickets, gift cards, or anything that motivates them to keep going!

Thank and Appreciate

Say thank you

Frequently show your team how grateful you are for their hard work and efforts!

Celebrate success with the team

Use email and social media to share success stories with your team members, motivating them to keep up the great work.  

Award team members for reaching milestones

  • Making a self-donation
  • Personalizing their online fundraising dashboard
  • Receiving their first donation
  • Receiving the largest donation to date
  • Raising the most money in a week
  • Sending out the most fundraising emails
  • Accomplishing fundraising goals