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Due to Covid-19 this is a virtual event this year.

Click on the teal "Join The Team" button to join us. The Chicago Pen Company is giving $35 off during the Chicago Pen Show on any of their pens (Sheba, Kingpin, Gio, or Birds of the World series) to anybody that joins our team by October 3, 2021. Just  show him your receipt at the Chicago Pen Show.

Thank you for visiting the Jet's Fighters team page. Please take a moment to read the following information. I've included many links if you would like to learn more about sarcoma and treatments.

Our son A. J. was diagnosed in mid-2018 with Stage-4 Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma, a very rare subtype of sarcoma which makes up approximately .4% of all cancers. Please realize that there were no symptoms of his sarcoma until it had already grown into a 10 CENTIMETER mass and had also spread to his lungs. It's impossible to convey the many emotions we felt as we faced dealing with this disease.

One of the things that really hit home was that this disease was so stealthy. It formed and grew without any pain. At one point A.J. asked if his leg looked swollen to me and I sloughed it off as his muscle growing faster in one leg than the other. Even as we went to the doctor for examination I said that he would probably be told to attend physically therapy to "even out his muscles." 

But with the newfound awareness of sarcoma and the impact on children around the world, we saw it as a call to not only raise funds but also to raise awareness. Hence we formed the Jet's Fighters team.

The global pandemic did not find treatments or a cure for sarcoma but you can help accomplish this by joining team Jet's Fighters!

Sarcomas in general make up only about 1% of all adult cancers and about 20% of childhood cancers

This is why I have once again formed a team to help raise awareness and secure financial resources for sarcoma research by participating in the Race to Cure Sarcoma (Chicago).  Participation in this event will support the Sarcoma Foundation of America's national research program.  

The global pandemic has affected all of our lives.  One of the hidden effects is the reduced funding of charitable organizations.  We need your help more than ever.

Please consider joining our team either as a participant, a donor, or as a sponsor.  Our team's name is Jet's Fighters.  For those of you that aren't aware, Jet was A.J.'s nickname when he was younger.

Register and join team Jet's Fighters!

Can't (or don't want to) participate on the day of the event?  Please consider making a donation, becoming a sponsor, or volunteering your time.

Thank you for your support!


A.J. has completed his treatment plan and remains under doctor supervision. He is now residing in New York City while attending NYU and comes back for visits as his schedule permits. A.J. and his company, The Chicago Pen Company, continue to support the Sarcoma Foundation of America to help them gain the resources necessary to provide research, education, and advocacy of sarcoma.


Jim Grace

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