Create Your Own Fundraiser

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pet Partners share my fundraiser on their website, emails, or social media channels?

Pet Partners is fortunate to have a large base of supporters who are interested in fundraising to support therapy animals. Due to this, we are unable to promote any individual fundraiser.  

How do I inform Pet Partners that my therapy animal passed away?

First, we offer our deepest condolences for your loss. The bond you shared with your pet was incredible, and we know you changed so many lives together as a therapy animal team. Thank you.

To let Pet Partners know that your animal has passed away, please log in to the volunteer center, click My Registrations, and under your pet's registration click Notify Pet Partners of a Change. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us Form on our website. You may also find the following resources helpful:

How should I direct donations to Pet Partners in the obituary I am writing? 

Thank you so much for your interest in directing donations to Pet Partners in memory of your loved one. We suggest that you first set up your online fundraising page and fill it with stories and photos of the individual you are honoring. Once you are ready for the public to see the memorial page, you can copy the link to your page and place it into the obituary, your social media pages, or emails. If you have concerns about number of letters in the obituary, you can use a URL shortener like bitly. You don't need to sign up or get a quote, just enter your page's URL in the space that says Shorten your link.

How are donors acknowledged?

Donors are automatically sent an acknowledgement after making a donation. You can also thank your donors by logging in to your dashboard and selecting "send email." You'll see a series of contact options on the left side of your screen, including donors to be thanked. Not to worry, Pet Partners has thanked them already. However, it is extra special if you thank them personally. Use that list to email your donors from your profile. (Please note that messages sent from this platform occasionally end up in people's spam/junk folders.) 

If I need fundraiser support, who do I contact? 

Please email for support. We are happy to set up support calls should you need in-depth help.

How do I resize photos on my fundraising page?

You'll need to be logged in to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your fundraising page and click the pencil icon next to your page description.
  2. Click the image icon on the toolbar. It is the last icon on the right side of the toolbar. 
  3. Select Add Image. Choose which image you would like to insert from your computer and click Insert Image.
  4. A screen with width and height options will appear. The smaller the number chosen, the smaller the photo. When you choose a new size number for the width, it automatically updates the height. We recommend sizing your photo to 500px or below.