Create Your Own Fundraiser

How Fundraising for Pet Partners Works

When you fundraise for Pet Partners, you not only support more therapy animal visits for those in need, you also spread the word about the impact of the human-animal bond. There are many benefits to hosting a fundraiser on the Pet Partners website, including:

  • The ability to personalize your page with stories and photos.
  • A tax receipt for your donors that comes directly from Pet Partners.
  • The ability for you to thank your donors easily through the online platform. Pet Partners will also send a thank you note to your donors. 
  • Donor comments, where they can share stories, memories, and other notes about the person or pet you are honoring.
  • The ability to revisit your fundraising page even after you are done fundraising.

In addition to all these benefits, you will always have Pet Partners' gratitude for your support. We could not make therapy animal visits possible without your help. Thank you!

To get started, click the "register" button in the upper right hand corner of this page. After you register, you'll be able to choose what kind of fundraiser you want to host. These come with pre-written content to make the set-up process easier, but we encourage you to customize these with stories and photos of the person or pet you are honoring. It's also helpful to tell your friends and family why you care about the Pet Partners mission. Here is a list of the types of fundraisers you can host:

  • National Therapy Animal Day: In honor of NTAD, thousands of bakers will be whipping up some sweets and treats to celebrate the human-animal bond during the month of April.
  • Honoring a person or pet: Do you want to celebrate a special person or pet? Customize this template to show supporters why you are honoring them.
  • Therapy animal retirement celebration: Honor the incredible work of your therapy animal.
  • Birthday celebration: Donate your special day to Pet Partners in lieu of gifts, knowing that your birthday can change lives. 
  • Pet's birthday celebration: Happy birthday to your furry friend! What better way to celebrate than by honoring the human-animal bond?
  • In memory of a beloved family member or friend: Many people choose to recommend donations to Pet Partners in memory of their family member or friend. You can place a link to your fundraising page into an obituary and loved ones can share notes on the memorial page.
  • In memory of a beloved pet: Memorialize your pet's life by sharing stories and photos on your page. When you fundraise for Pet Partners, you honor the bond you shared with your pet by bringing the benefits of the human-animal bond to more people. 
  • Other events: Get creative! Have donations made in your name in lieu of a wedding registry, host a National Dog Day fundraiser, and so much more! We are excited to see your creative ways to support the human-animal bond.