2024 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

2024 Hill Country Ride for AIDS supports
2024 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

About 2024 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

Your Guide to the 25th Annual Hill Country Ride for AIDS is here!

What a ride season it has been so far!  You don't have to look far to see that your energy this year has been infectious.  We have one-hundred and twenty-three first year riders this year!  We are overjoyed to welcome everyone to the Community of Kindness and the twenty-five years of love, hard work, and hill that have gone into this event.  Every year we have new elements that keep it fresh for our group, but we always want to remember the reasons we ride and how much it means to our beneficiaries and the work they do. The HCRA and it's community has raised over 12 million dollars over the past 24 years and on our 25th year we will be adding to that sum yet again.  While that figure is huge, the credit goes to each and every one of you.  You are the ones putting the effort into this event and we will forever be proud to serve your efforts.

Click this link to access the 2024 Ride Guide

This year's HCRA has some fun changes that we know will help to add to the community feel of our ride.  First off, you'll see a lot more faces passing by on the opposite side of the road.  Our twelve and twenty-seven mile routes will follow the same path as last year, while our forty-five and seventy-five mile routes will be going in the opposite direction.  If you have downloaded the RIDE with GPS routes from years past, please be sure to update them using these links.  We'll also be gathering back at Krause Springs for lunch after the ride instead of having our lunch pit.  While these changes were made out of necessity, we know they will also help to foster our great community by keeping us closer together, enabling us to experience the beauty of the ride together. We will still make sure you are supported and encouraged to rest at our final pit stop, but we think you'll enjoy having your big meal together with volunteers and riders off all distances.  The whole HCRA family.

You'll find the rest of the information in the Ride Guide to be familiar and easy to understand, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.  We always love hearing from you.  This year has been filled with the same joy and kind-hearted people that have always filled my heart, we haven't even gotten to the best part.  There is too much love in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS for it to not overflow into each of our cups.  Thank you, for every second of your time that you have given to this amazing cause.

-Eli Oldham
Ride Director

-Zack Breeding
Asst. Ride Director

Meet Our Beneficiaries

The HCRA is the largest fundraiser for 9 local non-profit organizations: 

  1. allgo
  2. AshWell
  3. C.A.R.E. Program
  4. Community Action
  5. Friends of David Powell Clinic
  6. Project Transitions
  7. Out Youth
  8. Vivent Health
  9. Texas Health Action (The Kind Clinic, TeleKind & Waterloo Counseling Center)​

The Resources They Provide

The funds we raise help these organizations provide a continuum of critical HIV/AIDS services that include: p

  • prevention/education
  • medical care
  • housing 
  • hospice
  • dental care
  • transportation
  • food pantry
  • case managment
  • HIV and other STI Testing
  • financial assistance
  • practical support
  • substance abuse support
  • mental health services
  • gender affirming care
  • and lots more!