What is the Hold Hope High Scholarship Challenge?

The COVID-19 crisis forced Chestnut Hill College to decide to cancel the 11th Annual Scholarship Gala, which was scheduled for April 25. This event provides vital financial assistance to deserving students and is the College’s largest fundraiser. However, it is during these times of great challenge and adversity that we find our Griffins can be remarkably resilient and creative. In that spirit, the Office of Institutional Advancement at Chestnut Hill College is pleased to announce the creation of the Hold Hope High Scholarship Challenge.

This virtual fundraising event is taking place from April 20 – May 17, with a goal to raise $300,000 for financial assistance to deserving students. The event will galvanize our community by bringing us together through this virtual platform. Participants may form Challenge Teams, share pictures, videos, and memories of Chestnut Hill College in a way that has never been accomplished before. As part of this event, Chestnut Hill College is proud to honor five outstanding women who exemplify the qualities of leadership and integrity that are hallmarks of our community. These community leaders have committed themselves to the success of our students and the Hold Hope High Scholarship Challenge. Visit their page.

The funds raised for scholarships have always been necessary, but this year, they will make all the difference. Did you know that nearly every student at CHC receives some form of financial assistance, and more than $17 million in scholarships was awarded last year alone? Additionally, 45 percent of our students qualify for a Pell Grant, while the national average is 31 percent. Our need is considerable, and the COVID-19 crisis has amplified that need for many families who find themselves without employment.

We invite you to help our students to Hold Hope High during this crisis and take the Challenge today.