Woof Walk 2019

Fast and Easy Fundraising Tips

In this day and age it can be super easy to raise money for a good cause, and there’s no better cause than the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County! We wanted to kick your fundraising off right with a few helpful hints.

🐾 Make sure to personalize your fundraising page!

🐾 Making your effort "personal" boosts support.

🐾 People are more likely to help you reach your goal when they know your goal, so make sure to let them know. “I am trying to raise $126 for the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County! Do you want to help me get there?”

🐾 Kick-off your fundraising with a donation. Donors will be more inclined to give when they see you've taken the same step you are asking them to do to by giving a gift.

🐾 If your company matches, be sure to complete the matching process at your company.

🐾 If you can, offer to match every donation made to by your donors.

🐾 Fundraising is like a snowball. As an individual fundraiser makes progress towards his or her fundraising goal, people will become more likely to make contributions.

🐾 Make a list of up 10 people in your inner circle that you are confident will donate. These individuals could be your parents, boss, or friend who already pledged their support.

🐾 Contact each of those individuals in the way you communicate regularly with them. If it is digital, provide the link to your webpage with your ask. If it is in person or by phone, follow up with a link.

🐾 Ask for a specific amount. “Will you please make a $100 donation…?”

🐾 Share the mission! Identify everyone in your network that may have a personal connection. Focus on anyone who may have benefited from the services provided by the organization.

🐾 Make sure you are effective in your communication. Ask on days that that your donors may be more likely to give, for example ask on traditional paydays (15th and 30th or Fridays) or when they have access to a computer. You want donors to be able to take immediate action when you ask.

🐾 If you haven’t already done so, start using your social media accounts to make your friends and family are aware of your fundraising campaign before and after you send your emails. Always, provide a link to your personal webpage.

🐾 Once you do start receiving donations, acknowledge your donors on the social network they use most. It will inspire others to donate.

How to raise over $1,000 in one month!

Week 1:

🐾 Start your fundraising snowball by making a self-donation. = $50

🐾 Send out at least 30 emails to friends and family and ask for $20 each. = $600

This should be easy with the use of social media. However, be sure to personalize your messages and do not send a group message.

🐾 Always go back to the people you have helped in the past; they should be the first to help you now.

🐾 Remind family and friends that many companies offer to match donations their employees make to non-profit organizations. Double the impact!

Week 2:

🐾 Ask two close family members or friends for a minimum donation of $50. = $100

🐾 Ask two colleagues for a minimum donation of $50. = $100

Don’t forget to inquire about your companies matching gift program.

🐾 Follow up with family and friends that you emailed week one. Make sure to track everyone you ask. 🐾 Once they donate, make sure to send a personal thank you message.

Week 3:

🐾 Ask a local shop or your veterinarian’s office if you can leave a donation can at their store. = $50

🐾 Ask your boss for a company contribution. $100-$500

Week 4:

🐾 Follow up with family and friends that you emailed week one. Make sure to track everyone you ask. 🐾 Once they donate, make sure to send a personal thank you message.

TOTAL: $1,000 raised in four weeks

How to use Social Media Effectively:

🐾 Use hashtags on all social media platforms. Hashtags allow you to search what others are posting about topics that you are interested in and affiliate your posts with other tagged images.

🐾 Share why you are participating and what your goal is. Include updates on how close you are to reaching your goal throughout your fundraising.

🐾 Use the header or cover photo on your social media profiles to promote your campaign.

🐾 Include a Call to Action. Examples: “Click here to donate” or “Share this”

🐾 Make sure to include visual content (pictures or videos).

🐾 Use official hashtags for the event #HSMSCWoofWalk2019

🐾 Remember to thank your donors!

Fundraising in Teams:

🐾 Know what the funds will go towards - give specific examples of what each dollar amount does for the animals

🐾 Create a goal as a team and make a visual progress meter or board in your workplace.

🐾 Encourage a little friendly competition.

🐾 Make a pin that says 'ask me about the Woof Walk and wear it at work.

🐾 Create a casual Friday for a cost - ask your boss if it would be possible to dress down for a $10 donation (like Denim 4 Charity Fridays) all donations go to your workplace team’s Walk for Animals campaign.

🐾 Start a donation wall at your workplace - have a display where people can donate a set amount to get their name put up on the donation wall. (Think paper hearts or printed images of different animals with their name below, like the shamrocks sold at gas stations or grocery stores.

Individual Fundraisers:

🐾 Change your voicemail and answering machine messages to include information about your participation in the walk and where people can go to help you reach your goal.

🐾 If someone says they will think about it set a date and get back to them on that date.

🐾 Set a goal. This gives you a target to work towards and allows you to track your progress

🐾 Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to network and connect with a larger range of family and friends.

🐾 Explain your reasoning for fundraising and why this cause is important to you. Let people know why you are doing this. Make sure you share your excitement and enthusiasm!